A Bad Excuse is Better Than None Explanation

A Bad Excuse is Better Than None Explanation

Hello, Readers! This post features the proverb A Bad Excuse is Better Than None Explanation. The saying implies that if we don’t succeed at a task which has been given to us, we should at least try to explain why things went wrong.

Instead, if we choose to keep quiet and not open up about the causes behind our failure, people would have an absolutely wrong impression about our intentions. They might even end up thinking that we just don’t care. Consequently, such an assessment about our attitude may cost us dearly. We might even end up losing our job.

A Bad Excuse is Better Than None at All Expansion of idea

It is important for people to be communicative by nature. Sometimes, when a project fails, one should try to explain why things didn’t work in a particular way. If a person does not choose to do so, there are chances that he would be misunderstood.

At a workplace, the boss might not take kindly to a failure. Thus, it becomes necessary for an employee to be open to talks. If he has good communication skills, he will be in a position to explain why he had been unsuccessful at a particular assignment.

Thereupon, even if the employer does not quite believe in what his employee is saying, he would still be in the mood to give him another chance. On the contrary, an employee who is quiet and non-communicative by nature would have his intentions misinterpreted. Thereafter, he may lose the opportunity to get profitable assignments in the future.

A bad excuse has a tendency to receive a certain degree of kindness. However, not bothering to give any excuse at all signifies arrogance, lack of interest and motivation.

A Bad Excuse is Better Than None Conclusion

To sum up, we must always make an effort to speak up for ourselves even if we know that we don’t sound convincing enough. Although our excuses don’t sound good enough, there are chances that our employers will look at us fairly and compassionately and give us the second chance that we deserve. Thus, instead of being shy or proud or stubborn, we should speak freely and openly.

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