A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Amplification

A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed Amplification

Hello, Readers! This post features A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Amplification. The aim of this post is to convey the idea that a person who does not ditch us during our bad times is our true friend.

A friend in need is a friend indeed meaning

It is not easy to understand the true nature of a person. We will be able to figure out if a person is our real friend or not only during the times when we are in some kind of trouble. A person who really cares about our well-being will not abandon us when our times are rough. On the contrary, they will try to help us if they can. Such folks are our friends indeed. They have stood by us in our times of need.

A friend in need is a friend indeed short paragraph

No human being can afford to live under the assumption that everybody is his/her friend. The world is full of selfish people. It is the inherent tendency of most humans to try to get closer to only those people who have wealth, power and influence. Therefore, one should be careful in choosing his friend. However, it is not easy to make the correct choices.

We cannot realize who is our true friend and who isn’t unless we are in a difficult situation. Our genuine friends will try to assist us when we are in pain. They will not desert us during times of woe. Thereby, we can safely assume that these are our loyal buddies who really love us and want us to be happy.

A friend in need is a friend indeed story

Alexis came from a financially sound family. After passing out of high school, she relocated to a big city for her education in college. She started living in a girls’ hostel. Alexis quickly made a lot of new friends both in her hostel as well as inside her college campus.

People were attracted to Alexis because she was kind, pretty and friendly. However, the most important reason behind her popularity was her wealthy status. Alexis threw lavish parties rather frequently. Moreover, she gave expensive gifts to her inmates in the hostel. Additionally, she pampered her batch-mates at college with lovely presents from time to time.

However, one day, the personal circumstances of Alexis took a dramatic turn for the worse. While returning to her hostel one evening, Alexis met with a serious accident. She lost both her legs and her right hand in that tragic turn of events.

Almost a year after her accident, Alexis returned to her hostel to resume her studies. However, she stopped going to college to attend her regular classes because she had grown rather weak physically. Hence, she would get exhausted rather frequently.

Alexis learnt some important life lessons during this time period. Firstly, she discovered that not everybody relished the idea of hanging around with an invalid. The friends she had made in her hostel and the college campus now seemed to disappeared from her life.

For, the news had already spread that Alexis’s accident had taken a heavy toll on her father’s financial resources. Her medical bills were of astounding proportions. Her father had to sell his house in order to fund Alexis’s medical treatment. Under these grave circumstances, Alexis had lost all her friends.

Yet, there was a college-going girl residing in the hostel next door who happened to watch Alexis when she went around with her friends. This girl’s name was Evelyn. One day she came to Alexis’s room to meet her. After that first meeting, Evelyn began to meet Alexis more frequently. She assisted the handicapped girl while she ate, dressed or tried to walk about in her prosthetic legs.

Slowly and gradually, Alexis regained her lost self-confidence. Evelyn accompanied Alexis to college at least once a week. The presence of a simple-minded girl like Evelyn in the life of Alexis proves that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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