A Morning Walk Essay

A Morning Walk Essay

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Morning Walk Essay 100 words

Every morning, I go out for a walk with my grandfather. We love the quietness of the morning hours. Since there’s very little traffic on the roads, we walk freely. Occasionally, my grandfather bumps into an old friend of his. Obviously, such a meeting gives him great pleasure.

Our morning walks together have helped us to communicate with each other much better than before. Consequently, I have grown quite close to my grandpa and share almost all my secrets with him. Besides, we watch pigeons and sparrows fluttering around as we explore the freshness of the morning scene.

While returning from our walk, my grandpa buys packets of milk from early morning vendors. Moreover, he also purchases loaves of bread for breakfast. Occasionally, he collects green vegetables and fresh fruits. My grandfather is an energetic man, and spending time with him is real fun!

Sometimes, we go out for a morning walk even in the pouring rain. Of course, we carry our umbrellas with us. However, venturing outdoors at the time of rainfall can be an exciting experience even without umbrellas or raincoats. Yet, recently we have stopped getting adventurous during bad weather because my grandmother does not approve of our crazy ideas. Therefore, we go out for a walk only when the weather is fine.

Morning Walk Essay 10 lines

  1. I go out for a morning walk every Sunday.
  2. It is not possible for me to go out on weekdays because I have to attend school.
  3. My friends Mike and Jordan often accompany me during my walks on Sundays.
  4. We usually visit the woods during these trips.
  5. Sometimes, we bring home wild berries and nuts after a walk outdoors.
  6. We spend some lovely moments chasing rabbits and watching squirrels.
  7. Also, we go around looking for birds’ nests and eggs.
  8. Besides, we also pause by a creek in the woods, and enjoy listening to the sound of the water flowing by.
  9. Honestly, these walks, in the company of my two dear friends, have helped me to relish the beauty of nature.
  10. Lastly, I am planning to include my two younger brothers as well during our future visits to the woods.

What are the benefits of Morning Walk 100 to 150 words?

A morning walk is immensely beneficial to us. It gives us the chance to stretch our body. The exercise improves our mood and gives us the energy to face the rest of the day in a calm and optimistic way. Also, a morning walk grants us the opportunity to become familiar with our surroundings.

During our walks, we get to enjoy the sights we had not noticed before. Furthermore, we get the chance to meet our neighbors and exchange a word or two with them. A morning walk is also a great opportunity to relish a warm cup of tea from a roadside stall.

Additionally, we get the chance to watch the sunrise. We can also click some wonderful photographs in the stillness of the morning hours. Besides, a morning walk can help us to become introspective. It can ease our worries and help us to think clearly. Thereby, we develop the skill as well as the motivation to fix the problems in our lives.

In short, a morning walk is a vital part of life. Not giving priority to this activity can make our existence rather dull and monotonous.

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