A Pen is Mightier Than a Sword Essay

A Pen is Mightier Than a Sword Essay

Hello Readers! This post features A Pen Is Mightier Than a Sword Essay.

A Pen is Mightier Than a Sword Proverb Meaning

A writer has more power than a soldier. In other words, a person who writes well has the potential to end major conflicts in the world. Therefore, a pen can achieve whatever a sword cannot.

A Pen is Mightier Than a Sword Example

A seasoned diplomat has the power to diffuse tension between two nations by delivering a speech that can stir the soul. However, he will need the help of a writer to frame his speech.

Thereby, this is exactly when a pen’s role becomes important. By framing the right words, a writer can play a crucial role in generating a suitable public speech which would induce two or more nations embroiled in a conflict, to avoid a war.

Why a Pen is Mightier Than a Sword?

A sword is wielded by a warrior while a pen is held by a writer. Both a pen and a sword are powerful tools of change. If used wisely, both can bring about radical transformation in society.

Yet, a pen is more powerful than a sword. A writer can use a soft and gentle language to influence the thought of an entire community of people.

Further, a writer can motivate the readers in the right direction. An author can use his/her skills to avert bloodshed and war. Therefore, a pen is mightier than a sword.

Why pen is important in our life?

A pen is important in our life because it can do what a sword can’t. A pen instills courage in timid people. Additionally, positive words expressed with a pen can give hope to the dejected. Besides, a good piece of writing can heal a bruised heart.

A pen has the power to change the mindset of people. Also, it can mesmerize them. A great piece of writing can charm readers so deeply that they may transform into dreamers or visionaries.

The pen has the skill to build personalities. Furthermore, it arms the common man with knowledge and information. In short, a pen can unite nations while a sword can divide them.

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