A Picnic Party Essay

A Picnic Party Essay

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What is picnic party in English?

A picnic party is a fun get-together of friends or family. In such a party, a small group of people makes plans  to spend the day outdoors. A picnic involves food and music. Additionally, it involves travel to a distant location.

What is the importance of picnic party?

A picnic is important because it gives fun and joy to people. It helps them to relax and explore places. Also, major friendships may bloom during picnics. In schools and colleges, annual picnics pave the way for students and teachers to bond on a deeper level.

A picnic party essay 10 lines

  • Last December, our class went on a picnic to Shillong, Meghalaya.
  • We reached school very early in the morning.
  • At around 6 a.m. our bus started for Shillong.
  • However, on the way, we halted at several places.
  • We enjoyed the quietness of the early morning hours.
  • From time to time, we posed for photographs.
  • Our bus reached Shillong at 8 a.m.
  • We had a lovely breakfast with boiled eggs and bread toast.
  • Next, we explored the greenery on the hilly terrain.
  • Our picnic was memorable because of the spectacular scenery all around.

A picnic party essay 100 words

In the month of January this year, five of my closest friends and I decided to go on a picnic party. Since we had made our plan quite suddenly, we thought of having the picnic in a tea garden which was just a short distance away from my house.

My friend Sandy offered to bring chicken fried rice and custard. Furthermore, another friend, Lydia volunteered to bring sandwiches. Moreover, I planned to carry tea and snacks for everyone. The other two friends were cousins.

They contributed a chocolate cake and fruit. It was wonderful to talk and laugh while colorful birds twittered around us in the tea garden. We sang merrily and ate heartily.

A picnic party essay 200 words

Last summer, I visited my uncle’s house. My stay was brief but memorable. The best part was our picnic. The evening before, plans were made.

It was a trip that included around sixteen people and three pets. Two of those pets were dogs which belonged to my uncle’s family. One was a cat which was owned by my uncle’s next-door-neighbor.

The following day, we travelled to Kohora. It is a popular tourist spot in Assam. We were using three cars. Furthermore, the experience became fun-filled when we stopped for tea.

Our neighbor was a seventy year old cheerful man. He bought us chocolate bars and chips. Since the party included seven children, it became noisy at times. However, we loved every moment that we spent at the small road-side tea stall.

My aunt and her younger sister cooked lunch for us. We had all assembled by the side of a creek. The quietness of the area was occasionally broken by the sound of flowing waters nearby.

Birds chirped and bees hummed while we ate a delicious meal. My uncle roasted potatoes and chicken over a fire.

During this picnic, we caught fish and collected fruit and berries. It is not always that I get the chance to explore life outdoors. Therefore, I made the most of these lovely moments. A few days after the picnic party, I returned home with precious memories.

A picnic party essay for class 10

Last week, our class decided to go on a school picnic. Since we hadn’t gone on one for a long time, we were all excited! There were fifty students in our group.

Twenty of us were girls; the rest were boys. Our Class Teacher Mrs. Nancy Goldsmith would be leading our team. Moreover, our Sports Teacher, Mr. Sujoy Mukherjee would be accompanying us. A few subject teachers also expressed their desire to join us.

We made a lot of preparations. The male teachers took the responsibility of buying the fish, chicken and the eggs that we needed.

Next, the girl students along with two of our subject teachers went to collect groceries, vegetables and fruits. Our class teacher delegated the tasks. Additionally, she helped with the assembling and packaging of stuff.

A few of the non teaching staff members also went with us that day. They turned out to be immensely helpful in transporting, unloading and sorting out things. Our picnic party wouldn’t have been successful without their support.

Our destination was Dipor Beel which is around 15 kilometers from the city of Guwahati. It is a beautiful lake in the south western side of Guwahati.

We had been longing to visit this wildlife sanctuary for a long time now. The trip promised fun and adventure. It would be a welcome change from our routine life at school.

The picnic spot that we found was not crowded because we had come on a weekday. Eagles and cranes were flying all over the lake. Moreover, we saw fishermen at work.

They were rowing their boats to catch fish. Plants like water hyacinth and water lilies grow in abundance on the lake. We took turns to explore the surface of the lake on small boats. This water body is home to different species of lizards, turtles and fish.

As we walked on the roadside, we came upon the local fishing community selling fox nuts and fish. We saw women displaying fresh vegetables for sale. Visitors thronged these areas to collect king chilly, papayas and other green eatables.

It was wonderful to sit and eat by the side of this lovely lake. We enjoyed the sight of a lone helicopter flying low over the waters. It was rather windy on the day we had our picnic.

Cooking outdoors was slightly challenging but fun. The food was delicious. It was almost dark by the time we packed our stuff to return home.

A picnic party essay conclusion

Picnics are nice, joyful moments in our lives. They help us to bond with one another. Additionally, they are adventurous and entertaining.

When we go on a picnic with  our loved ones, we get a great opportunity to explore life and sights outdoors. Consequently, we develop a better understanding of the world outside the four walls of our home or school.

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