A Rainy Day Essay

A Rainy Day Essay

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What is a Rainy Day in English?

People call it a rainy day when it rains all through the day. There are some people who like a rainy day while there are others who don’t. However, a good shower of rain is always welcome after a hot summer day.

A Rainy Day Essay 10 lines

  1. It was raining the entire day yesterday.
  2. I was upset because I knew that my parents would not take me out for shopping on a rainy day.
  3. However, mother surprised me by saying that we would be going out to buy some necessary items.
  4. In my excitement, I got dressed quickly.
  5. I saw some children playing outside in the pouring rain.
  6. Moreover, some other people were selling cheap umbrellas on the sidewalk.
  7. There were several passers-by who were walking around in hooded raincoats.
  8. I was glad that I was wearing a pair of boots to protect my feet from the rain.
  9. Mother and I ate steaming noodles after returning home.
  10. Thereafter, I sat on my bed and listened to the sound of the rain falling on our roof-top.

A Rainy Day paragraph

A rainy day is a day when people usually like to stay indoors. They like to have a warm drink like tea or coffee. Children usually like to drink a glass of chocolate or milk.

Women make hot and spicy items in the kitchen. Potato chops, onion fritters and chicken kebabs are some savory items to try out on a rainy day.

When it rains in the summer or monsoon season, it is difficult to keep kids indoors. They like to splash the muddy waters and enjoy the feel of the cool water trickling down their skin. Going out in the rain can be challenging at times. Even so, it can be refreshing and fun.

A Rainy Day Essay 100 words

It had just begun to drizzle when I stepped into my friend Vicky’s house last Monday. The plan was to spend ten or fifteen minutes at his place.

Then, we would be going out for our English tutorial classes as usual. However, the rain began to fall really fast. Thereupon, we were clueless about what we needed to do next. Vicky’s parents did not have any vehicle.

Therefore, there was no chance for us to get any lift. My friend and I watched the water lashing against the windows. Then, our English teacher made a phone call to Vicky.

She said that she was postponing that day’s class to the following Sunday. We felt so relieved. I spent the rest of the day at my friend’s place and returned home only when my father arrived to fetch me.

A Rainy Day Essay in 150 words

I remember getting stuck up on the road on a rainy day. My parents and I were on our way back from a wedding when the weather turned sour.

At first large drops of rain began to fall on us. Next, came the hail stones. We ran to take shelter at a bus-stop nearby. However, the rain was falling so hard that our clothes got completely drenched. Also, my mother began to shiver in the cold.

Desperately, my father and I began to look for a bus. Yet, there was not a single vehicle in sight. Moreover, the shops had closed down for the day.

The street wore a deserted look in no time. Honestly, we were clueless about what to do next. Suddenly, an old man appeared before us. He was carrying a large umbrella.

The man said that he ran a book shop in the next by-lane. Furthermore, he explained that he was just shutting his store and walking out on the street when his eyes fell on our family.

The book store owner took us to his home which was just a few yards away from the bus-stop. Thereupon, we got to change our soggy clothes and wear some fresh ones.

My father wore a shirt and a pair of trousers which belonged to the old man. My mother changed into a long frock.

I changed into a skirt and top which belonged to one of the grandchildren living in the house. The hospitability of the old man and his wife really warmed our hearts.

A Rainy Day Essay for Class 8

In September, last year, we were staying with our grandmother in the village. One day it began to rain really hard.

Firstly, it began with a drizzle. We thought that the rain would stop. Then, there was a torrential downpour. My cousins and I were totally at our wits’ end.

We had planned to get into various activities in the yard. However, with the falling of the gusty shower of rain, all our hopes went down the drain.

However, a couple of alternate ideas from our grandmother lifted our spirits. Firstly, we trooped into the kitchen to watch our grandmother bake a chicken pie.

She taught us to make loaves of bread, ginger biscuits and croissants. The kitchen became noisier and merrier in no time.

A short while later, we sat around a mud stove and roasted fish and potatoes. Later, we ate them with mint sauce and tomato chutney.

In the afternoon, we assembled in the living room to play games like carrom and chess. The winners received boxes of home-made chocolate balls from our beloved grandmother.

She even allowed us to play outside in the rain for an hour. Excitedly, we rushed outdoors! The plants were glistening with droplets of water. We clicked photographs of one another and enjoyed thoroughly.

Today, when I look back at that rainy day at my grandmother’s farm, I feel a smile playing at the corner of my lips. It was a moment which brought all my cousins close to each other.

Moreover, grandmother’s creativity had turned this day into a remarkable experience. I hope that I can get the opportunity to enjoy more such delightful moments in the times to come.

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