A Visit to a Market Essay

A Visit to a Market Essay

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10 lines about Market in English

  • A market is a place where we get all kinds of things to buy.
  • Besides, a market in the center of a town or city is different from the one in a village.
  • Fish and meat are sold in a market.
  • Also, we can buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables here.
  • Some markets open on a daily basis.
  • However, there are others which open only on a weekly schedule.
  • Villagers flock to the market to sell their chickens, ducks and pigeons.
  • Furthermore, people also set up food stalls in the market.
  • Apart from spices and condiments, visitors can purchase clothes, utensils and furniture in a market.
  • Also, hobbyists go to a market to collect essential items for their respective hobbies.

A Visit to a Market Paragraph

Last Sunday, I accompanied my father to a weekly market in the outskirts of our town. He parked the car on the side of the street.

Next, we climbed out with four large-sized bags. I was excited because my father would be buying a lot of stuff for a dinner party in our house the following night.

To begin with, we stopped to buy vegetables. Honestly speaking, I was astounded to see pumpkins of various shapes and sizes! My father bought a dozen of them.

Cabbages, cauliflowers, potatoes, onions and lemons were also picked. Later, we purchased curd and cheese. We also stopped to have tea and snacks. Finally, while making our way out of the market, my father bought me an ice-cream.

How do you describe a market place?

A market place is an area where different kinds of business activities occur. Additionally, it’s a place where folks who are interested in selling articles come.

At the same time, buyers visit this area to make their purchases. A market place gets crowded during festive occasions. There is more din and hustle during these times.

People go to the market place to buy fish and poultry. Besides, they also get their dairy products from here. Furthermore, all kinds of sweets and snacks are available for sale at a market place.

A Visit to a Market Essay For Class 9

Yesterday, I had to go to the market although the weather was quite gloomy. We had just got back from a month long tour. Therefore, our pantry was empty.

We hardly had anything to eat. Mother said that I needed to collect some food items immediately. Honestly, I was feeling tired after our long trip out of the state.

Therefore, I was not in the mood to go out. Yet, I did. There wasn’t any other option for me. A couple of guests would be staying with us for a night or two. Furthermore, to make matters worse, father wasn’t at home that day.

It was raining by the time I got dressed. Hurriedly, I grabbed my wallet, phone and a shopping bag. Next, I fetched out a large black umbrella.

Honestly, going to a market in pouring rain is not fun. Luckily enough, I caught sight of my neighbor next door getting ready to visit the market too.

She is an elderly lady who lives all by herself. My neighbor was pulling out her car from the garage. On seeing me, she offered to give me a lift. I have never felt more relieved! Needless to say, I accepted her offer instantly.

Once, we reached the market, the first thing that my neighbor Mrs. Singh purchased was a colorful umbrella. Next, I hurriedly collected bread, eggs, vegetables, rice and lentils. My companion said that she wanted to have some hot drink. I guided her towards a small coffee shop.

We had coffee with pastry and vegetable rolls. I bought some pastry and rolls for my home. On second thought, I bought some for Mrs. Singh as well. My gesture took her by surprise. However, she accepted gratefully and seemed delighted!

The rain had stopped by the time we got back home. That evening, my mother invited Mrs. Singh to have dinner with us. Had it not been for this kind lady, my shopping experience in the torrential downpour would have been a rather unpleasant one.

A Visit to the Market Essay for Class 10

Every weekend, I make a trip to the market. Sometimes my parents and siblings go with me. However, on other occasions I go alone.

Additionally, I enjoy visiting the market with my friends. Last weekend three of my school friends accompanied me when I visited the market. My parents and younger brother and sister were also with us.

The reason why my friends came with my family is because my parents wanted to buy them some gifts for Diwali. My friends often visit my home on holidays.

Consequently, they have grown quite close to my parents. My mother wanted to buy new evening gowns for my class-mates Sarla, Maya and Preeti. My father wanted to get them some sports equipment. Therefore, all were rather excited about the visit to the market.

We arrived in the market in the early hours of the afternoon. There wasn’t a rush at that time. Therefore, we were relieved.

At first my father collected the regular groceries and dropped them into the back of our car which was parked outside. Next, we walked into a fancy-looking cloth store. My friends selected their gowns. Maya chose one in velvet while the other two girls selected satin.

Next, we visited a shop which deals in sports items. Our father bought new badminton and table tennis rackets for all of us.

Furthermore, he bought a cricket bat and ball for my younger brother. We also visited an ice-cream shop. Thereafter, we went around checking out all the lovely items which were on display in various areas of the market.

My mother insisted that father should get a couple of new shirts for himself. Consequently, further purchases were made.

My sister wanted some silk thread for her embroidery classes. Besides, my brother asked for some new pastel colors and paint brushes.

It was pitch dark by the time we returned home. Our cook Sylvia prepared chilly chicken and fried rice for all of us. This was a memorable visit for me because, for the first time, my family got the chance to take my friends out for shopping.


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