About Us

About Us

Hello! I’m MEHJABIN HUSSAIN. Also, I’m an English Teacher and writer. Additionally, I’ve been in the profession of teaching for more than 20 years now. furthermore, I’m a post-graduate in English Literature, and have taught English in private schools, both in Jorhat and Guwahati, in Assam, INDIA.
Mehjabin Hussain
I love to read books, and spend a good amount of time reading both fiction and non-fiction. Also, I also enjoy writing content for a blog. Readers are most welcome to leave a comment if they want me to write an article of their own choice on this platform.
Besides, I’m also very keen on writing content for school magazines, so anyone who is interested can reach out to me by email.
Moreover, I love to teach grammar and creative writing through short-term workshops, both online and offline, according to the convenience of students. Guardians who are keen on logging on their children to my grammar/creative writing workshops or tutorial classes ( online/offline) are most welcome to reach out to me.
Thanks for visiting this blog!
Have a great day/night!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Mehjabin Hussain.


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