Actions Speak Louder Than Words Essay

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Essay

Hello Readers! This post features Actions Speak Louder Than Words Essay

Nobody has the power to influence another with just words. It is important to deliver with actions as well. In today’s world, people have neither the time nor the inclination to sit through long lectures which aim at imparting some moral values on the listener. The modern world is a busy one. Every single one of us is burdened by our own anxieties.

In such a situation, we have no patience to listen to people who try to preach us or try to show us what is right and what is not. A person who wants his audience to engage in charitable work wouldn’t fare much if he is only trying to deliver a series of lectures. People would take him far more seriously if he tries to get practically involved in charitable work.

In a classroom situation, a teacher might encourage her students to interact with a child who is reclusive by nature. While taking her classes, she might constantly remind her pupils to maintain communication with the quiet student.

However, the real change occurs only when some of the children actually get into the task of extending their hands of friendship with the loner. It takes only one student to begin the task. The other students will also be inspired to follow the lead. This example supports the opinion that actions speak louder than words.

Timothy Dawson ran a YouTube channel in which he took interviews of homeless people. In his videos, he often asked his viewers to help the poor and the needy. It was not that his words never created an impact. His audience definitely responded to his appeals and sent him small donations which he used for the purpose of giving assistance to the people on the streets.

However, what another fellow from the same city did created more influence. This other guy was Jonathan Hawk who was fondly addressed as Johnny by the people whom he took care of. Jonathan actually spoke very less in his videos.

In his channel, he is basically seen with his back facing the camera. Jonathan easily made friends with the homeless, brought food and hygiene stuff for them, and sometimes even took some of them out for shopping. What Johnny did in his videos stirred the emotions of his audience in a much more profound way than Timothy could. The reason was simple. Johnny’s actions spoke much louder than Timothy’s words.

Parents cannot expect their children to adopt certain habits if they have not adopted those themselves. For instance, they cannot have hopes of their children getting into the habit of reading books, if they are themselves not very great fans of reading. Children will develop a passion for books only if either or both parents have this nature of bring home materials to read.

Similarly, people cannot expect their children to maintain cleanliness if they aren’t hygienic themselves. Nor can parents lecture their children on the importance of saving money for the future, if they haven’t bothered to make some savings for their old age themselves. Parents must be careful with their spending if they want their children to be careful too.

Our actions are what define our character. People know us from the work that we do or choose not to do. Our actions reflect our true identity as human beings. Sometimes, there may be people around us who may be jealous of our progress in life.

They might tend to gossip behind our back. They might talk ill about us. However, we should never speak ill about the folks who think poorly about us. It is important to be patient with people who are malicious. After all, society judges us from our actions, and not through what others have said about us. Our actions are what give us roots and wings. We should always stay away from negativity.

We should always remember that our enemies can never succeed in spreading malice about us if our deeds are just and noble. After all, we make our destinies through our deeds and not our words or other people’s words against us.

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