An Evening Walk Essay

An Evening Walk Essay

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Last Saturday, I went out for an evening walk in my neighborhood. I had been keeping rather busy over the past few months, and hadn’t been able to venture outdoors for a casual stroll. However, on Saturday last week, there was nobody at home in the early hours of the evening, and I was relatively free.

I decided to make use of my leisure time by checking out how some of my neighbors were doing. They usually came out for a walk and I thought that it would be a wonderful idea to catch up with them.

The first person I bumped into was an old ice-cream vendor who was rather popular amongst the children in our locality. He beamed at me the moment he noticed me and his smile warmed my heart.

I asked him how he was doing. He said that his son Rajesh had graduated from college just the previous month and was now looking for a job. The news pleased me. I made a promise to Rajan Lall that I would ask my grandfather to help Rajesh get some source of employment somewhere.

The man was delighted. He offered me a large cup of vanilla ice-cream for free! Of course, I refused to have anything for free and quickly made the payment and left the scene.

The next person I met was Clarissa Gill. She was an old widow who lived alone. Her only son was settled abroad. I asked the old lady if she needed me to fetch anything for her. She looked quite relieved to see me offering to go shopping for her.

Clarrisa said that she needed a hot water bag and a thermometer because she couldn’t find both. She invited me indoors for a cup of tea but I declined the offer and rushed to the nearest pharmacy to get her the stuff she was asking for.

While coming out of the store, I met Mr. Charlie Wood who was walking his new dog. I asked him about his old pet, wishing to know how the golden spaniel was doing and got a rather nasty shock because the guy had burst into tears. He said that his old dog Timothy had died just the previous month and that his children had gifted him this new one so that he would be able to handle his grief better.

I offered my sympathies to Mr. Wood and asked him to drop by at my place sometime. He asked if he could bring his new dog along when he was visiting and I instantly responded in the affirmative. I gently reminded him that everybody in my family loved pets.

Next, I bumped into a few homeless friends as well. My grandfather and father often donated food and hygiene stuff to these people.

I asked them if they needed anything. They replied that my father had already given them sleeping bags and mosquito nets that morning and that they didn’t need anything more.

The smiles on their faces made me happy. I felt grateful that God has empowered my family in a way that would be beneficial to the poor and less fortunate people around us. I chatted with them briefly, promised to check on them again during my future walks outdoors and continued strolling.

While on my walk back to Clarissa’s house,   I stopped to buy a large mug of cold milkshake. By this time, the street lights were on,  and I enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings. A small group of high school boys were playing football and I watched them for ten minutes.

They waved at me from a distance and asked me if I would like to join them. On previous occasions, I did play with them but this time I turned down the invitation because I knew that Clarissa Gill would be waiting for the hot water bag and the thermometer.

As I continued to walk, I met two of my grandfather’s friends who had come out with their pets. One of the animals was a cute little pug while the other was a white fluffy cat. I greeted the men politely and walked on. Eventually, when I reached Mrs. Gill’s house I got a rather pleasant surprise.

She gave me a packet of egg sandwiches to take home. I said that it wasn’t necessary, but she insisted that I accept the packet, adding that my grandfather always looked forward to eating some of her home-made food.

On my way back home, I met our local tailor who was returning home after work. I asked him if my grandfather’s coat was ready. He replied that it was almost done and that I could collect it from his shop the following morning.

My father had ordered a new coat for my grandfather’s eightieth birthday. I was pleased to know that the gift was almost ready and that it could be collected soon.

It was nearly eight o’clock when I entered our house. My grandfather and both my parents were waiting for me in the living room. They scolded me for not taking my cell-phone with me and added that they had been worried about my safety.

I assured them that my lovely, peaceful neighborhood with its kind and simple folks was the safest place for me and that I could never get lost during my walks here. They listened to me spell-bound as I narrated the events that unfolded during my walk outdoors that evening.

Over the years, I have realized that a walk outdoors can become more meaningful through social exchanges and hearty conversations with friends and neighbors. I have never shied away from running errands for the old and the disabled.

It is my belief that an evening walk is important not just for exercise and fresh air. It is also through these walks that we get to interact with our neighbors, see how they are doing.

Most importantly, my evening walks give me the opportunity to take care of others and be cared by them in return. My walks give me a sense of real belonging and I enjoy them.

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