An Idle Brain Is Devil’s Workshop

An Idle Brain Is Devil’s Workshop

Hello Readers! This post features amplification of the proverb An Idle Brain is Devil’s Workshop 
A person who has no work is dangerous. Since he does not have anything constructive to do, all kinds of wicked thoughts can enter his mind. Consequently, he might get involved in mischief and cause harm to others. Thereby, in order to divert the thoughts of such folks, it is important to keep them engaged with some kind of activity or the other.
An Idle Brain is Devil’s Workshop Example
Samantha Potters shifted to a new neighborhood after her divorce. However, her responsibilities had doubled because she was now a single mom of two girls. Every morning she dropped her daughters at school and then made her way to her workplace. Samantha was employed as a make-up artist at a beauty parlor at the other end of the city she was living in.
Nikki Davis was a sixty year old woman who lived on the third floor of Samantha’s building. She became jealous of Samantha’s life because several women living in the same building had become friends with this single mother of two. They liked her warm, pleasing nature and appreciated her love and commitment towards her children.
Nikki lived in a big family. Both her sons were married. All the household work was done by the two daughters-in-law. Thereby, Nikki was idle and had almost nothing to keep her busy with. Her husband was dead and her four grandchildren were far too occupied with their own careers. Therefore, Nikki had almost nobody to keep her mind diverted. 
One day she thought of a plan to break Samantha’s friendship with the women living in the building. She said that Samantha’s husband had divorced her because of her secret friendship with a male friend. The story created quite a stir in the apartment complex.
When Samantha discovered that ugly tales were cooked up against her, she was heartbroken. She made a quick decision to relocate to a new neighborhood. Samantha didn’t inform anybody that she was shifting. In less than a week, she found a new house to take on rent.
The entire episode soured Nikki’s relationship with the people living in the building. They had already realized that the widow was spreading false rumors about the divorced lady. They apologized to Samantha. Yet, the apology had come too late. By then, the single mom had already shifted to a new locality.
Indeed, an idle brain is devil’s workshop. The idle mind of Nikki Davis had create quite a bit of problem’s in the young mother’s life.
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