An Unexpected Visitor Essay

An Unexpected Visitor Essay

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An unexpected visitor meaning

An unexpected visitor is a person who visits the house of another without prior information. Sometimes, a visit from an unexpected guest can give us a nice surprise.

However, at other times, we may not feel comfortable about an unexpected guest’s arrival. Different people have different ways of reacting to a visit from an unexpected visitor.

We may be happy to receive a sudden guest on a day when we are not quite busy ourselves. Contrarily, if we are occupied with work or an emergency at home, we may not be in the mood to entertain an unexpected visitor.

Who could be an unexpected visitor?

The following is a list of some people who can be categorized as an unexpected visitor:

  • A person who has shifted to the neighborhood recently.
  • A landlady who visits to collect a long overdue rent.
  • A person who has lent money but has not received it back.
  • An old schoolmate who decides to drop in unannounced.
  • A stranger who has come looking for shelter.

What to do if there is an unexpected visitor?

We should try to be hospitable to our unexpected visitor if we know this person personally. However, if we don’t know him, how we would react to him/her would depend on the situation.

We should be civil to people who visit us on some errand. Yet, we should be careful not to welcome people whom we have never met before or never heard our family talking about earlier. Above all, it is important to inform our elders if any visitor comes to meet us at home.

Write an original story entitled a strange visitor

One evening, it was raining heavily. I was alone at home. Both my parents had gone out to attend a wedding reception. Since I was scheduled to sit a mathematics test at school the next morning, I opted to stay back and study.

At around seven in the evening, an old man showed up at our doorstep. At first, I was reluctant to let him in. My mother had repeatedly warned me not to open the door if the doorbell rang. Keeping her advice in mind, I had stuck to my study table for as long as I could.

Then I heard the loud sound of hail stones pounding on our tin roof. From my window, I could see that the old man was freezing outside.

Taking pity on his condition, I unbolted the door and let him in. After offering him a mug of tea and a couple of ginger biscuits, I asked him what he was doing out on the streets in such bad weather.

The man explained that he had gone out for a walk when the weather turned sour. His glasses slipped from his eyes and he couldn’t locate where they had fallen. As a result, he lost his way.

On returning from the wedding party, my mother was alarmed to find a stranger sitting indoors. She wondered aloud if I had gone crazy.

Fortunately enough, my father was quick to calm her down. Additionally, he warmed some milk and offered it to the old man.

I hastily slathered  some butter on two thick slices of home-made bread and offered the meal to our visitor. He smiled gratefully and ate hungrily.

A couple of friendly neighbors helped our father to locate the house of the old man. It was almost midnight when our guest finally returned to his family.

Write a paragraph on the day some unexpected guests visited you

One Sunday morning, we were all getting ready to go out when we got a phone call from a distant aunt who was living in a village. She said that some of her neighbors were already on their way to the city. They were all looking for a place where they could stop to take some rest and freshen up.

Indeed, the news was quite a blow to our plans about spending our time outdoors. My sister grumbled and my two younger brothers were annoyed as well.

However, our grandparents loved the idea of having visitors from their ancestral village. In their old age, they felt lonely at times.

Therefore, they loved the prospect of having some old acquaintances at home. My grandparents thought that it would be a welcome relief from the monotony of their life.

That Sunday, mother ended up preparing lunch for fourteen visitors from the village. They were a loud, boisterous lot and spent the day chatting and laughing.

Since my siblings and parents had never met them before, we were a trifle bored at times. However, our mood improved when we discovered that our guests had brought along plenty of home-made snacks and delicacies for us.

Honestly, it was a day that did not begin according to our plans. Yet, it proved to be eventful by the time it ended. Our parents were wonderful hosts.

Furthermore, our grandparents were pleased. Eventually, our unexpected visitors returned to their village with plenty of gifts and lovely memories.

The Unexpected Guest Essay 200 words

Last year, we had a small Labrador Retriever puppy as an unexpected guest in our house. The dog belonged to one of our neighbors  who was an elderly lady. She had been living alone. One weekend, she had to be hospitalized suddenly.

We decided to take care of old Mrs. Thompson’s pet because there was nobody else to look after her. Our own pet dog had died just three weeks earlier. In a way, our family was still grieving the loss of this animal.

The Labrador puppy’s name was Sally. She was a nice, friendly dog.

Our family began to adore her. Sally loved the outdoors. We took turns to take her for a walk. Once outside, she would chase birds and insects. She spent hours exploring flowers and bushes.

We kept Sally with us for more than a month. Eventually, we had to return her to Mrs. Thompson when the old lady returned from the hospital.

Parting from the puppy was not easy. When Sally left, we felt so empty that we quickly made a decision to adopt another dog.

Later, we ended up bringing home two. They were a pair of Pugs.

Sally’s brief stay in our house as an unexpected guest was a great eye-opener for our family. We realized that our family just adored dogs and couldn’t live without them.

An Unexpected Visitor Essay Conclusion

Finally, some visits from unannounced guests can be awkward. Yet, there may be others which might be enriching.

How we react to our unexpected visitors depends on who they are. Occasionally, a short visit from an absolute stranger can teach us wonderful life lessons. However, at other times, these visits may be stressful or unpleasant.

We should try to leave a nice and warm feeling in the heart of our host in case we visit them in an unexpected way. It is always a good idea to carry a small gift if we have to face a situation when it is important to make a surprise visit.

A tiny memento usually creates pleasant vides. It makes the host happy.


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