As You Sow, So You Reap Amplification

As You Sow, So You Reap Amplification

Hello friends! This post contains As You Sow, So You Reap Amplification

Man has the power to make or break his destiny. Good things will happen to him if he conducts himself honestly. However, negative traits like jealousy and greed can lead to his downfall.

What is the meaning of the line ‘ As You Sow, So You Reap?’

A farmer will reap his harvest according to the number and quality of the seeds he had sown in the field.  He will be blessed with a good yield if he had worked hard. On the other hand, if he hasn’t labored hard enough, there is little chance for him to have a good produce.

As You Sow, So You Reap Paragraph

A person who neglects his family and friends will have to face a lonely line. In his old age, he wouldn’t have people to take care of him. However, in his youth if he had been a caring parent, a kind friend or a helpful neighbor, he will definitely have somebody or the other near him in his old age.

A thoughtful person will surely have a companion to think about him. A fellow who has been social and interactive in his youth, will have somebody or the other to check on him when he is old and ailing.

As You Sow, So You Reap Story

Rex and Max were two friends who worked in the same office. Rex was friendly and jovial while the other wasn’t. Max hated to talk to his colleagues. He was rather proud and arrogant. The people in the office stayed away from Max because he was selfish.

Once, it so happened that both Rex and Max’s mothers fell ill almost at the same time. Rex’s mother needed a knee surgery while Max’s mother needed treatment for a sudden attack of stroke.

Rex got a lot of support from his colleagues at this difficult moment. However, Max didn’t get any. There was hardly any visitor at Max’s house to check out how the elderly lady was doing.

As You Sow, So You Reap Moral of Story

It is important to take care of the people in our lives. Every relationship needs nourishment. We will end up being ignored by others if we pretend that they don’t exist.

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