Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover Essay

Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover Essay

Hello Readers! This post features Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Essay.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Meaning

It is foolish to form an opinion about another person just by looking at his/her personal appearance. For instance, a rich man may be dressed shabbily. Contrarily, a person who is not wealthy may wear expensive-looking dresses.

It is unfair to judge a person just because he/she looks a certain way. In life, we should not be in a hurry to draw our own viewpoint about somebody’s character or personality. Instead, we should allow ourselves some time to know the person on a deeper level. Only then, we will be able  to have some good idea about the other.

What is another idiom for Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover?

Another idiom would be Appearances Can Be Deceptive.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Expansion of Idea

The modern world is full of fakeness. There is no dearth of people who pretend to be what they are not. There are folks who are vain and ambitious. Therefore, they like to associate themselves with the high and mighty. They attend parties in fancy clothes.

By looking at such people, one might easily assume that they are a wealthy lot. However, the truth is that they aren’t. They like to look rich. But they aren’t actually rich.

Again, there are others who may actually be wealthy. However, they are also simple-minded and down-to-earth.

Therefore, they don’t like to give the impression of being wealthy. Yet, arrogant folks may easily mistreat such folks thinking that they are poor.

We should not form an opinion of a person just by taking a look at his/her physical appearance. Otherwise, we might land up in an embarrassing situation ourselves. Our haste in assessing the nature of another person may put us in a rather uncomfortable position.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Story

Ellen, Pansy and Matilda were neighbors who worked as primary level teachers in the same school. While Ellen and Pansy experimented with different types of clothes at their workplace, Matilda often wore the same dresses to school.

The students at the school thought that their teacher Matilda came off a financially poor background. Moreover, they assumed that Ellen and Pansy were rich. Apart from the students, the other teachers at the school also had a similar opinion about the ladies.

Ellen and Pansy spent almost their entire salary on clothes and accessories. Additionally, they were women who weren’t bothered about making any savings. Therefore, towards the end of the month they borrowed money from their parents, and never bothered to return it.

Apart from spending on clothes and accessories, Pansy and Ellen also partied hard and travelled a lot. Their expensive passions hardly gave them any scope for making provisions for the future.

One day, there was a staff meeting at school. The principal made the announcement that two meritorious pupils were leaving the school because their parents were no longer able to pay the fees.

The news was quite a shocker to everybody because the two students were brilliant in studies. Thereafter, the principal added that he would have supported the girls by paying from his own pocket, but recent financial constraints were not allowing him to do so.

At that moment, Matilda surprised everyone by volunteering to help. She said that over the course of the preceding eight years working as a teacher in that school, she had made some good savings. Therefore, paying the fees of the two students wouldn’t be much of a problem to her.

This story is proof that we should not make judgement about another very quickly. Matilda didn’t look rich. However, her heart definitely was!

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Essay Conclusion

A good reader makes his purchase by checking out the title of a book and its author first. Additionally, he/she may buy the book by reading the blurb at the back. Furthermore, his/her decision to make the purchase may also be prompted by the reviews he/she has read about the book.

However, a person keen on buying a book should never choose it just because the cover of the book is attractive. The real value of a book is its content, and not its outward appearance.

Even a badly shaped book may hold a great story. Conversely, a flashy-looking book might prove to be a waste of money and time if the content is not appealing to the reader.

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