Eid Celebration Essay

Eid Celebration Essay

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Essay on Eid 300 words

I celebrated Eid at my grandmother’s house this year. All my three uncles had come over with their respective families. We were excited because we were all getting together after three years.

A week before Eid, I went out for shopping with my parents. They purchased shirts for my uncles and male cousins. Besides, they also selected salwar suits for all the ladies.

Two days before Eid, my mother baked chocolate cakes and cookies to take to my grandmother’s place. Also, she made several varieties of both sweet and salted snacks.

The evening before Eid is called as Chand Raat. It is an evening which is eagerly awaited by Muslims all over the world. People break their day-long fast with the sighting of the new moon. The appearance of the moon implies the end of the holy month of Ramzan.

The evening before Eid, we had a lot of fun at our grandmother’s place. All the women were busy in the kitchen, preparing delicacies for the festival. Mother asked me to make a fresh batch of fruit cake because all the cakes that she had brought along were over!

We also went out to distribute food baskets in the neighborhood. Besides, the elders donated money to the poor people living in the locality. After all, we wanted everyone to eat heartily on the day of Eid. Also, we wished everyone around us to be happy.

On the morning of Eid, everybody at grandma’s house woke up early. After our bath, we wore new clothes and had a quick breakfast. Then, the males hurried to the Idgah field for Eid namaz. The women offered their prayers at home.

Many visitors dropped in to greet our family. Snacks and gifts were offered to everybody who showed up. I went around applying rose essence on the wrists of our guests. Hugs were exchanged. Photographs were clicked as well.

The Eid lunch was a lavish affair. My mother prepared Afghani pulao. Besides, my grandmother cooked chicken biryani. She also baked large chunks of Hilsa fish which we relished thoroughly. Sweetened vermicelli was served for dessert.

My cousins and I are quite excited on Eid day because this is the time when we get gift money or ‘iddi’ from the elders. I collected almost five thousand rupees on this festive occasion.

Eid Essay in English 10 lines

  1. Eid is the time of love and family bonding.
  2. Furthermore, it is the time of celebration.
  3. This year we celebrated Eid in our new house.
  4. Also, I invited three of my close friends to celebrate Eid with my family.
  5. I wore new clothes on the morning of this beautiful festival.
  6. Besides, I gifted new dresses to my friends who had come visiting.
  7. We had roasted chicken, potato chops, fish cutlets, salad, parathas and pulao for lunch.
  8. In the afternoon, my friends and I visited the families in the neighborhood and collected Iddi money from many people.
  9. Eid is a festival which unites estranged families and friends and brings them closer.
  10. Furthermore, this festival teaches us to be kind and forgiving.

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