Essay on a Busy Street

Essay on a Busy Street

Hello, Readers! This post features an Essay on a Busy Street.

A Busy Street Description

The street leading to the Beltola Bazaar in Guwahati is a busy one. It is busier on a Thursday because the farmers and local vendors assemble here in multitudes, to sell their goods. Last Thursday, I walked through this street in the late afternoon.

I was mesmerized by the wide variety of stuff that the village folks had come to sell there. Starting from dried vegetables to fresh ones, dried and fresh fish, flowers, seeds and seedlings, cane and bamboo products, household utensils, woodwork and earthen ware- the list was endless!

I stopped for tea and snacks at one of the less crowded food-stalls. The market was packed with people and goods. Besides, the noise grew louder and louder. I digged into my pockets to fetch out some coins for the street urchins who were hovering around me.

The young children were overjoyed to receive some money from me and thanked me profusely. Their cheerful nature prompted me to buy them some ice-cream and comfortable footwear for them as well. After bidding goodbye to the kids, I headed towards a row of astrologers who were sitting on the pavement.

One of them stated that I had won a bicycle on Diwali the year before! The astrologer’s declaration surprised me for it was true! Another predicted that my family would be relocating to a foreign country after five years. I would have to admit that I didn’t feel quite happy about this prediction because I love my country dearly, and would never want to live abroad. At the end of two hours, I left the bustling street feeling a little dazed.

Description of a Busy Street at Night

Last night, I went out to meet my tailor at a busy street. It had been raining hard all through the day. I was rather reluctant to venture out due to the continuous downpour. However, my meeting with my tailor was urgent and could not be postponed any further. My mother had ordered three blouses to be stitched more than a month earlier. Yet, the tailor had not been able to complete the work due to health issues.

Obviously, my mother was irritated about the situation. I decided to check out if our tailor was making any progress. As I made my way out onto the main street, I was relieved to discover that the rain had stopped. However, there were puddles of water all around me.

I paused to have tea and piping hot potato chops at a stall. On second thoughts, I bought some pakoras, samosas and onion fritters for my family at home. Many youngsters had assembled in groups to enjoy the cool, after-shower weather. Fruit and vegetable vendors had lined up at several corners.

After collecting my mother’s items from the tailor, I visited a book-stall to buy some magazines and newspapers. Later, I stepped into a gift shop to buy a school-bag for my cousin living next door. Moreover, I also visited a pharmacy to get some medicine for my father. Eventually, after an hour and a half outdoors, I returned home.

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