Essay on a Visit to a Book Fair

Essay on a Visit to a Book Fair

Hello Friends! This post features an Essay on a Visit to a Book Fair.

What is the meaning of a visit to a book fair?

A book fair is an annual or bi-annual event where books of different genres are exhibited for sale. Readers flock to such fairs because they get the chance to purchase books at discounted rates.

Besides, book lovers eagerly wait for such events because they get to meet many like-mined people.  Also, they become aware of the various types of old and new books which are available in the market. For bookworms, visiting such fairs is a hugely rewarding activity.

What are some lines about book fair?

  • A book fair is a meeting place for book lovers.
  • Also, it is an area where publishers and sellers sell books.
  • Sometimes, cultural events and quiz competitions are also hosted in a book fair.
  • Also, people set up food stalls at such events.
  • School and college students wait for such events eagerly because they can buy books at cheaper rates.
  • Book worms visit such fairs to stock up their collection.
  • A book fair is a source of great pleasure and inspiration.

A Visit to a Book Fair paragraph 150 words

I remember visiting a book fair in the month of December last year. Honestly, it was a last minute decision to go there because I had run out of all my pocket money.

However, my kind room-mate lent me some money and insisted that I should visit the fair because the next one would be held only after one long year. Although I am a voracious reader, I had hesitated to visit the fair because of my difficult financial situation.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to my dear room-mate for his timely support. His valuable co-operation made it possible for me to buy a couple of good detective novels.

Furthermore, I brought home a few Amar Chitra Katha and Phantom comics too. Visiting the fair was an awesome experience to me. My room-mate and I spent about four hours at the fair. We enjoyed a lot on that day.

A Visit to a Book Fair Essay 200 words

Last week my parents took me to the book fair. I was excited because they promised to buy me all the books that I wanted to read.

Consequently, I began to pick the books of my choice the moment we entered the fair. I picked the entire series of Malory Towers written by Enid Blyton.

I already had a good collection of the Famous Five and Secret Seven series written by the same author. However, I still had a few that I did not own as yet.

Both my parents were in a great mood that day. I had bagged the second position in the annual examination this year, so they were keen to splurge on me.

Therefore,  I felt that it was some blessing because they were not so indulgent during my previous trips to book fairs. I selected some good magazines for competitive examinations.

Additionally, I picked a couple of encyclopedias. Also, I chose a book on gardening and another on craftwork.

We had ice cream and cold drinks at one stall. Next, we sat down to watch a dance show put up by some high school students. Furthermore, we watched a quiz contest as well.

Lunch at the book fair was a pleasant affair. We ate chicken biryani and a salad. Finally, before leaving the premises we sipped cold coffee from tall glasses. When I returned home, I thanked my parents for giving me this incredible opportunity to know the softer and gentler aspect of their personality!

Essay on a Visit to a Book Fair 250 words

Three years ago, our class got the opportunity to visit a local book fair here in the city of Guwahati. Some of my class-mates were to participate in a debate competition at the book fair.

We were quite happy about the outing because many of our teachers would be accompanying us. Moreover, the principal and the vice-principal of our school would be going with us as well.

This was the first time that I would visiting a book-fair with my school-mates and teachers. Therefore, I was thrilled!

My school teachers and friends know me as an avid book reader. Therefore, on that day, as we went around examining the varied category of books, the librarian of our school requested me to help her select some suitable books for our school library. The request took me by surprise. I was delighted, nonetheless.

While the rest of my friends sat and watched the debate competition, I went around with our librarian. Thereafter, I recommended some lovely fairy tale books for the primary wing of our school.

For the middle school students, I suggested both suspense and mystery novels. Next, we also picked collections of stories by O’ Henry, Katherine Mansfield, Saki and Rabindranath Tagore.

When the debate competition was over, some of our class-mates joined our librarian and me as we continued to pick more books. With the recommendation of my friends, we selected books on general knowledge, sports, science, art, craft, cooking, photography, fashion designing and interior decoration.

This school trip to a book fair is one of the most memorable events of my life. Owing to the active interest shown by my friends in selecting books for our library at school, I became familiar with a whole world of authors who were unknown to me before.

A Visit to a Book Fair Essay Conclusion

Books are one of the key sources of information. Additionally, they give joy to the readers. Parents and teachers should always encourage their children to visit book fairs.

Such educational events help youngsters to expand the horizons of their mind. Furthermore, one gets the opportunity to meet students and teachers from different schools and colleges.

New friendships are formed in the premises of book fairs. Thereby, they definitely open the doors for new possibilities in the field of education and development.

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