Essay on How I Celebrated My Birthday

Essay on How I Celebrated My Birthday

Hello Readers! This post features an Essay on How I Celebrated My Birthday.

Paragraph on birthday party 100 words

I celebrated my last birthday by distributing toffees amongst my class-mates in school. Then, I also gave chocolates and pens to my teachers.

On returning home, I accompanied my parents to an old age home in our neighborhood. I distributed lunch packets to the elderly people and staff members living there.

Rice, lentils, vegetable fry and fish cutlets had been tucked into those boxes. The inmates of the old age home were delighted with the celebration.

All of them blessed me. Honestly, it was a memorable experience to me. I am now eagerly waiting for my next birthday when I am going to treat them with yet another good lunch.

Essay on birthday party in 300 words

I celebrated my eighteenth birthday last week. Of course, I hadn’t made any plans about it before. However, when I reached college, my friends gave me presents.

I had a little amount of money in my pocket. Therefore, I thought about giving them a treat. After all, we don’t celebrate our birthday everyday. It is a special day which comes only once a year. As a result, it should not be ignored.

I took my friends to a small restaurant near our college. We were five of us. At first, I was a little nervous thinking that my money would not be sufficient to pay the bill.

However, my best friend Anil who was in our group that day, whispered in my ear that I should not worry. He promised to help me out in case the money fell short. Now, that was quite a bit of relief to me.

I ordered chicken chops, fish cutlets, pastries and cold drinks for all of us. Everybody discussed the day’s events and cracked jokes about what happened in the college campus that morning.

The humor was related to a laboratory experiment that had gone wrong. My friend Mubarak said that the experiment became a disaster because the new professor was trying to act too smart. Obviously, we had a good laugh reflecting on the incident.

When I reached home, I was surprised to discover that my next-door-neighbors had showed up with a birthday cake and gifts. Thereupon, I became quite emotional.

The visit was a big astonishment to me because our family had not been on good terms with theirs for almost two years. It had happened because of a silly misunderstanding related to a cricket ball which had flown over our boundary wall and had landed against their glass windows and had even broken one.

Since the old misunderstandings were sorted now, my mother invited my neighbors to stay for dinner. They agreed readily. After this, everybody sat down for tea and snacks.

Dinner preparations got underway soon after. My mother made jeera rice and paneer koftas. Additionally, she made chicken roast and a salad. Undoubtedly, everyone enjoyed the food and had a good time.

Essay on birthday party in 500 words

In the year 2019, I had the most amazing birthday celebration in my life! My uncle’s family had come visiting at that time.

Moreover, my relatives had been staying with us for a week then. My uncle and aunt wanted to make it a memorable day for me. Since they had come to India after a gap of six years, they had missed my earlier birthdays.

On the morning of my birthday, my uncle took me out for some shopping. He bought blankets and clothes to donate to the homeless people living on the streets.

Furthermore, he also ordered food for them. Then, over the course of the next hour, we went around distributing all our stuff. For the first time in my life, I experienced the joys of doing charitable work!

Additionally, we visited an orphanage. My aunt and uncle distributed more items there. My mother served us a delicious meal when we got back at lunch time.

In the evening, we visited a trade fair. My uncle purchased a new study table and chair for me. Besides, my mother bought me a pair of sunglasses. I met some of my old friends in the fair. My parents decided to give them a treat there.

Thereafter, we trooped into a food stall. We ate chicken fried rice with mint and tomato sauce. Everybody sang a birthday song in my honor.

I was delighted! Honestly, this birthday was turning out to be an incredible experience for me! The previous celebrations that my parents had arranged were all low key affairs. But this one was quite different!

I got the biggest surprise ever on returning home. My aunt and uncle announced that they had booked flight tickets for my parents and me to accompany them on their trip to London the following month.

Now, this was getting surreal! My parents and I had never traveled abroad before. Therefore, we didn’t know how to react. However, uncle assured us that it would be fun. Besides, he pointed out that the trip would give all of us the opportunity to bond even more deeply.

How I Celebrated My Last Birthday

I celebrated my last birthday in my hostel. Only my two room-mates were with me at that time. Since it was the time of our summer vacation, the other boarders had all gone home.

It was a rainy day. Therefore, we didn’t want to go out. I ordered burgers and pasta. My room-mates made coffee. Also, they prepared a fruit salad. Sharing a quiet meal with them was a nice feeling.

After our lunch, we watched a movie on my laptop. Next, we played some music and spent an hour or so dancing. Eventually, when the rain stopped pouring, we went out for a walk.

A vendor was selling popcorn. We bought three packets. Another vendor on the street was selling piping hot tea. We drank some and got back home quickly before it began to rain again.


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