Essay on My Family

Essay on My Family

Hello, Readers! This post features an Essay on My Family.

What is family 5 lines

  1. A family comprises of parents, children and grandchildren.
  2. Pets may also form a part of a family.
  3. Moreover, there are people who consider their closest friends as family.
  4. We share our joys and sorrows with our family.
  5. A family provides a person with mental, emotional and spiritual support.

How do I write 10 lines about My Family?

  1. My family comprises of my parents, grandparents and my three siblings.
  2. I am quite attached to my family.
  3. All my three siblings are younger than me.
  4. My father runs a cloth shop in a busy marketplace.
  5. He is often assisted at work by my grandfather.
  6. My mother is a homemaker.
  7. On Sundays, my family always likes to invite guests for lunch.
  8. My grandmother is a wonderful cook.
  9. Both my brothers and my sister love to spend quality time with our parents.
  10. Moreover, we also take good care of our grandparents.

My Family Essay 100 words

I am the only child of my parents. They adopted me when I was five years old. I feel quite lucky to have found a home to live in. My parents love me and take good care of me. Moreover, they have never made me feel that I am an adopted daughter.

I have learnt a lot of skills from both my parents. For instance, my mother taught me how to knit a sweater. Also, I learnt to bake cakes and biscuits from my mom. She has also taught me stitching, tailoring and embroidery work.

Furthermore, I have learnt gardening from my father. He has planted a variety of fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and flowers in our backyard. I wake up early in the morning and assist my father while he waters the plants. On Sundays, I spend extra time with him in the yard. On those days, I help him in weeding and harvesting.

My parents are actively involved in social work. They donate food and money to a number of charitable organizations in our city. Besides, they also regularly support the orphanage from which they had brought me home. Also, they love to celebrate my birthday by inviting the staff and children at the orphanage for dinner at our home.

I am so proud of my family. Both my parents are wonderful human beings and I never forget to thank God everyday for bringing them in my life.

Short Essay about My Family

I live with my family in a rather noisy neighborhood. Besides, my family is a rather large one. I have three brothers and two sisters. All my three brothers are older than me. However, both my sisters are younger.

Apart from my own siblings, we also have two cousins and their mother living with us. My father brought them home when my uncle passed away suddenly two years ago. Now, my cousins and aunt are a part of our family.

Our family bonding is quite strong. We take good care of one another. My aunt often assists my mother in the kitchen. Besides, the two ladies have also started a small catering business together. They have started this work as they want to support our father in bring home some extra income.

Since our family is a large one, our house often gets untidy. However, my siblings, my cousins and I share equal responsibilities to clean and organize it from time to time.

We enjoy ourselves at dinner because this is time when we exchange news about how our day went. Thereupon, this is also the moment when we crack jokes and have a good laugh. Indeed, I am so proud to belong to this kind and loving family!

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