Essay on My Grandparents

Essay on My Grandparents

Hello, Readers! This post features an Essay on My Grandparents. Thus, the purpose of this article is to express the pleasure of elderly family members.

Essay on My Grandparents 100 words

My grandparents are quiet, simple folks who love to travel from place to place. After retirement, they purchased a van and they live in it for six to eight months every year. They are both citizens of the United States. Both my grandparents love adventure. Therefore, they are immensely fond of their nomadic lifestyle.

Over the years, my grandparents have toured many states of America. Their nomadic lifestyle has helped them to experience the natural beauty of the rural areas in the U.S. Also, my grandfather has designed the interior of his van himself. In fact, his vehicle has earned so much of popularity that many youngsters have placed orders to my grandfather to design similar interiors for their vehicles.

Additionally, my grandparents earn some extra money by selling their nature photographs which visitors can download from their website. Moreover, they engage themselves in charitable work with a part of the money that they earn every month. For instance, they supply free weekly meals to two orphanages in Colorado. Also, they send money to my parents who are based in India. Thereupon, we spend the money to buy gifts for poor people on festive occasions like Diwali and Christmas.

Essay on My Grandparents 150 words

I have been living with my grandparents ever since I was a child. I shifted to the home of my grandparents because they were feeling lonely in their old age. My father decided to send me to my grandparents’ home because our own house in the city was a small one. My grandparents love large open spaces. Therefore, it was difficult for us to make arrangements for them to live in the city.

As I am living with my grandparents now, I don’t study in a big school like my siblings do in the city. Instead, I go to a small school in the village. However, I thoroughly enjoy being with my grandparents because they are very fond of me and take good care of me.

Every evening, I assist my grandmother in the kitchen. For example, I help her to lay the table for our evening tea. Sometimes, we have a neighbor or two joining us at the table. They bring home-made bread or buns for my grandparents. Both my grandparents are hospitable and enjoy the company of visitors. My grandfather shares memories of his childhood with our guests. Therefore, they keep visiting us every quite often.

Sometimes, I help my grandmother to prepare dinner. However, on most occasions she prefers to do the cooking alone because she wants me to do my homework and study my school books. Although my grandfather is not good at cooking or cleaning, he definitely gives her company in the kitchen while she is at her work.

Moreover, both my grandparents love gardening. Last year, they planted lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peas, cucumber and chilly in the garden. This year, they have added vegetables like carrot, radish, beetroot and pumpkins to the garden. The positive energy of this hard-working couple inspires me to study diligently. My most cherished dream is to take care of my grandparents just as they are taking care of me now.

Essay on My Grandparents for Class 12

My grandparents are in their early sixties. They are both kind and friendly. People adore their soft and gentle personalities. Both my grandparents love to help the poor and the needy. Also, they pass their time in reaching out to those who are in distress.

My grandparents spend a good part of their savings in buying food and essential articles for orphans and the homeless. Every week they go to the market to stock up on rice, wheat, lentils, cooking oil, canned food and hygiene products. They distribute these among the poor families living in our neighborhood.

Both my grandparents are retired school teachers. In their youth, they had lived a frugal life and had invested their monthly salaries in good income-generating retirement plans. Besides, they also taught their three children to be careful with their money and not waste it on idle stuff. In fact, my father and his two siblings often got to read informative books on financial planning because my grandparents would stock up these books in the family library.

One of the most essential things that we have learnt from my grandparents is that the task of caring for others gives man the most joy. Besides, my grandparents have taught us that when we get involved in other people’s pain and help them out as best as we can, we end up forgetting our own problems.

Both my grandparents love nature and go out for long walks every morning. I accompany them during their walks on Sundays. However, on other days, I can’t because I have to go to school. My grandparents enjoy watching the movement of streams and rivulets. They love listening to the sounds of birds. In fact, they can easily identify the birds just by listening to their calls.

My grandparents often say that they feel blessed that all their three children are settled in the same city of Guwahati, in Assam. Although my grandparents have a separate house for themselves, nestled a few miles away from the city, they still love to spend quality time in the houses of each of their three children. Thereupon, they keep visiting all of us from time to time. Indeed, it’s a joy to have them visiting us quite often, for every time they come, we always get to learn so many interesting things from them.

Every winter, I spend a week at my grandparent’s house. They have a small cottage on the outskirts of Guwahati. The villagers living near the home of my grandparents are warm and friendly people. They often bring freshwater fish, homegrown fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese for my grandparents. I love the varieties of dishes my grandmother makes when I visit her place. Moreover, I also enjoy the quiet winter evenings there. I catch up on my reading every year-end while I am living in my grandparents’ home in the village.

Essay on My Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary

Last year, we celebrated my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Our family decided to keep the plans related to the celebrations a big secret from my grandparents. Therefore, they had no clue that we were about to host this event. My father booked a farmhouse for the celebrations. The invitations were sent out a week before the anniversary.

The guests were selected with great thought and care. The school friends of both my grandparents received invitations. Besides, some of the former colleagues of my grandfather were called too. Also, my mother decided to invite a few of our immediate neighbors who were close to my grandparents. Moreover, the close friends of my parents were invited. Our relatives helped with the planning, shopping and decoration of the farmhouse where the event was to be held.

On the morning of the wedding anniversary, my grandparents were surprised to find bouquets of colorful flowers carefully nestled in different corners of their bedroom. It took them a while to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, my grandmother remembered that it was their fiftieth wedding anniversary. She squealed in delight! My parents gifted my grandparents new sets of clothes to wear to the party.

Later that evening, everybody who had gathered at the farmhouse clapped and cheered when they caught sight of the elderly couple emerging from their car. My grandmother looked bright and happy in her cream colored satin gown and matching heels. My grandfather was dressed in a cream colored formal shirt and chocolate brown trousers. He beamed while doffing the fur cap on his bald head.

Dinner was a lovely and cozy affair. Fish cutlets and chicken curry was served with vegetable fried rice. Also, there were several other side dishes as well. Everybody gorged on the delicious food. Some of my grandparents’ school friends sang songs. A few others danced as well. Plenty of amazing photographs were clicked. Several rounds of musical chair were also played.

Briefly said, the 50th wedding anniversary of my dear grandparents was a grand success. Every single person who received invitation showed up at the party. Moreover, they came with lots of splendid gifts for the couple. My grandfather got several new coats, a pair of sports shoes, a leather wallet, an umbrella and a watch from the visitors. On the other hand, my grandmother received two hand-bags and a velvet gown apart from several cooking utensils.

As I look back on that day now, I get the feeling that my grandparents’ 50th anniversary celebration is going to be one of the most memorable events of their lives. Both my grandparents have always been rather shy and private kind of people. Therefore, they have never celebrated any of their earlier marriage anniversaries. However, they never forgot to celebrate their children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays or other important family occasions. Consequently, this 50th party was my parents’ way of thanking my grandparents for their long years of nurturing and care for the entire family.

Essay on My Grandparents’ House

Recently, my grandparents purchased a log cabin in the middle of the woods. A friend of my grandfather’s sold it to him at a very low price, as he was relocating to a foreign country, and therefore needed some money to make the move. However, before making the purchase, my grandparents went to see the remote cabin. Consequently, they liked it because it was located amidst pristine surroundings and gorgeous views.

The week before last, I visited my grandparents’ recently bought home. In fact, I got quite excited the moment I heard about it for the very first time. I had never been to a log cabin before. Therefore, I had no idea how I would feel living in it.

However, both my parents as well as my grandparents had visited the cabin the day it was formally handed over to our family. My parents had found it quiet and peaceful. Furthermore, they thought that it was quite charming. Therefore, they were eagerly waiting for the opportunity to spend some quality time in it.

Both my grandparents shifted to the cabin the day after they had purchased it. My parents and I got the chance to live in it only the week before last. My father’s business activities had caused this delay. My school’s schedule also added to the problems. Nevertheless, we were all patient because we knew that sooner or later we would be meeting my grandparents in their new haven.

Our evenings in the log cabin were some of the most magical we had ever experienced. For instance, we listened to the soft sounds of a myriad range of insects as they flew about in the breeze. Additionally, we heard the hoots of a wide variety of owls. We even heard the gentle brooding sounds of pigeons on the roof.

Additionally, the daytime was enjoyable too. My parents cooked food outdoors while my grandfather went around collecting firewood. Besides, my father assisted my grandfather in making a chicken coop and a kennel for dogs. Furthermore, we set up bird feeders on some trees. Also, my mother helped my grandmother to clear some scrubs . Thereupon, they started tilling the soil and planting vegetable seeds.

In short, our first visit to my grandparents’ new home was brief but loaded with projects. For example, my father varnished the woodwork and erected wash basins in two different locations of the cabin. Honestly, this house has given our family a new direction in life. Also, it has given us immense joy. Now, I look forward to more team work, innovations and experiments at my grandparents’ house.

What is the importance of our grandparents in our life essay?

The presence of grandparents in a house is a blessing. They teach children good manners and key life lessons. Besides, they also play an important role in diffusing tensions in a household. Grandparents are usually kind and loving souls. They take good care of their grandchildren when the parents are away.

A child who does not have any sibling has this tendency to feel lonely and depressed at times. Also, there is a strong chance for him/her to feel low on self-confidence, especially if the parents are busy at work most of the time. In such circumstances, the grandparents perform a vital role in making the home warm and lively.

A grandmother may teach her granddaughter skills like stitching, knitting, crochet work, embroidery and tailoring. Also, she might teach her granddaughter how to work in the kitchen and take care of it. Little girls learn baking cakes and bread from their grandmothers. Furthermore, they may also learn canning and pickling from them. Moreover, little boys will learn yardwork, woodwork, fencing, plumbing and gardening from their grandfathers.

In short, grandparents are like the guardian angels of children. They cook for them, clean them, teach and nurture them as well. Parents can rest assured that their kids are happy and safe as long as the grandparents are around them, and mentally and physically fit enough to take care of the children. Indeed, the relationship between children and their grandparents are so precious that no other relationship on earth can replace them. Therefore, it is important for grown-ups to value the presence of their elderly parents in the house and not treat them as baggage.

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