Failures are the Pillars of Success Amplification

Failures Are the Pillars of Success Amplification

Hello Readers! This post features Failures Are the Pillars of Success Amplification
We learn some of the biggest life lessons when we fail to achieve certain things that we had always wanted to. Success is something that does not come easily.
One needs to really sweat it out in order to earn it. Many a time, we are bound to meet with disappointments. These may be the result of inadequate planning, finances or other resources that are not available to us.
And sometimes, it happens that no matter how hard we try, luck just does not favor us. In such a situation, focus and perseverance are key elements that can help us to become winners.
Our goals have every chance of turning into reality if we stay positive. It is our attitude towards life that can either make us or break us. Moreover, it is important for us to have faith in our abilities even if we meet with repeated setbacks.
Failures Are the Pillars of Success Paragraph 100 words
Failures help people to become introspective by nature. They try to delve deeper into themselves so that they can figure out where they had made their mistakes. Also, repeated setbacks empower folks with grit and determination. Through every failure, people learn some new lessons. Thereupon, the confidence of the people grows from the experience gained from failures.
Failure opens the doors for fresh learning and experimentation. Setbacks help people to evolve into better and stronger versions of their former selves. So, we should not look at our failures in a negative way. At least, we should be happy that we had tried to succeed, but did not. After all, it is always better to try and fail rather than not try at all. Only cowards are afraid of failing. Those people who persevere despite repeated failures will surely become successful at some point of their lives in the future.
Failures are the Pillars of Success Short Story
Shalini was weak in mathematics. It was a subject that always gave her the jitters. Her parents often scolded her for her inability to score good grades in her mathematics paper.
Even her teacher at school was critical of her. Shalini’s poor performance in this subject made her feel like an alien both at home and at school. One day, she got a surprise. It was an email from a new classmate at school.
Maya was a shy and reticent seventh grader who had recently got enrolled at the school where Shalini was studying. It did not take long for the newcomer to realize that Shalini was not at all happy with her life as a student.
Maya could also see why Shalini was so gloomy. In her email to Shalini, Maya offered to sit with Shalini and help her with her math practice. She suggested that the two could meet in the library during their games period, or maybe even during their tiffin break.
The letter was a real godsend to Shalini. All of a sudden, she began to feel hopeful about her future. Each morning she rose from bed early, had a quick shower and got ready for breakfast, dropped an extra sandwich or two into her tiffin box ( for her new math tutor, Maya!)and darted off to catch the school bus. With Maya’s assistance and encouragement, Shalini got better and better at solving math problem sums.
Her improvement caught the attention of everybody at school. The math teacher was quite baffled. One day, she called Shalini to the Common Room meant for the teachers. “ Shalini, you’re doing splendid in my subject, and I’m so proud of you! Do you have a private tutor visiting you at home? What’s the secret behind your improvement?”
“ It’s hard work, ma’am”, Shalini replied, beaming. And it’s the magical effect of a companion like Maya. We sit together and practice mathematics for hours and hours. I’d failed repeatedly, but I never let my experiences demotivate me. Besides, I always had the gut feeling that I’d be able to have this subject in my grip if I tried harder.”
What is the meaning of the proverb Failures are the Pillars of Success?
The proverb Failures are the Pillars of Success means that when we fail, we become introspective. We evaluate our actions and try to examine our drawbacks or weaknesses.
Also, we work on overcoming our disadvantages, change our old strategies and make new ones. Sometimes we make radical changes in our lives. We learn to let go of old habits that had inhibited our growth.
We develop new habits and concentrate on building a new set of skills and also on perfecting the ones that we already have. Furthermore, we do not get daunted by negative remarks made against us by our peers or colleagues or even our family members.
Slowly and gradually we build foundations for ourselves. These are the pillars of hard work, self-motivation, zeal and drive which would ultimately open up the doors of success for us.
Can reading books help us to come out of failures?
Books can play a vital role in shaping our future. Those people who are in the constant habit of reading books on self-help rarely have chances of feeling low or uninspired.
Personality development books like The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz and Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!, written by Robert H. Schuller, are gems that inspire broken people to rebuild their lives after a series of failures.
What kind of problems can people face if they don’t get success?
Many people have this tendency to feel defeated when their plans don’t meet with success. They get the feeling that their failures are permanent. Anxiety, fear and endless worries overwhelm them. However, the truth is that success and failure are both fleeting and temporary phases in our lives.
Our days in this world are never the same at all times. Besides, our lives are always in a state of flux. Success will be followed by failures; and failures will be followed by success.
These are the two sides of the same coin. We should learn to live happily and peacefully even if we don’t become winners all the time.
Is failure the key to success?
It is not essential for a person to fail in order to become successful in life. Some people turn out to be plain lucky. They become victorious in whatever they set out to achieve. Additionally,  they meet with success after success.
However, those people who achieve success after repeated failures treasure their winnings. They are a grounded lot. Their failures have not made them bitter, but have helped them to evolve into better human beings.
Why is failure important to success?
Failure is important because it teaches us a whole lot of things. In addition, failure makes us analytical by nature. We become introspective. We try to figure out our mistakes and work on making improvements.
Failure teaches us to be receptive to new methods of learning. Also, we become open to new ways of experimenting. We become resourceful, resilient and immensely hard-working. Our failures lead us towards the path of spirituality. Moreover, our pains and difficulties draw us closer towards God.
Our failures are blessings in disguise. They open up doors that we never knew existed. Besides, they give new directions to our lives and give us reasons to celebrate when our most cherished desires turn true.
We should never allow our failures to make us fearful. Furthermore, we should welcome them with an optimistic attitude and allow them to take us through new avenues of education, growth and prosperity.

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