Haste Makes Waste Amplification

Haste Makes Waste Amplification

Hello, Readers! This post features Haste Makes Waste Amplification. The main idea of this saying is that those decisions which are taken in a hurry lead to failures.

Haste Makes Waste Meaning

Things done in haste do not lead to positive results. Any business activity begun in a hurry is bound to face loss. Therefore, before starting a new venture, people should make proper analysis of it to figure out if it is really going to thrive. Any work done quickly is bound to fail.

Haste Makes Waste Sentence

After the incident, everybody began to judge Ronny poorly; however, Mrs. Sanders was the only teacher who said that she will speak to Ronny first to check out what exactly happened. ” After all, haste makes waste”, she added.

Haste Makes Waste Parts of Speech

” Haste” and ” waste” are nouns here. The word ” makes” is a verb. Thus, only two parts of speech are present in the proverb Haste Makes Waste.

Haste Makes Waste proverb expansion

Experience will always prove that those tasks which are done quickly will never yield desirable results. For example, if a person is looking for a house to take on rent, he must ponder over his choices deeply. Otherwise, he might regret his decision after moving in to the newly selected rented house.

Before choosing a place to live, one must check if the water supply is working properly. Besides, nearness to children’s school and office are other factors which influence a person to select a house. The habits of the neighbors are also key factors that a future tenant should consider.

Also, the personality of the owner of the house is also important. After all, one cannot hope to be tension free if the landlord is of a moody, grumpy or fault-finding nature. Therefore, if these issues are not thought over carefully, a tenant may have to move out even after moving in. The entire process of shifting a house involves a good amount of expenditure. So, haste should be avoided in matters related to selection of a rented house.

Haste Makes Waste Essay 100 words

Sometimes, even in personal relationships we tend to make serious mistakes while choosing our friends. There are friendships which begin really well but may not last for long. Therefore, one should not rush into a relationship. On the contrary, one should allow it to grow at its own pace. In our hurry to make our relationships public, we may fail to notice certain flaws or undesirable traits in the character of our friend.

Similarly, two people who seem to think that they are in love might make a quick decision to get married. However, once they have settled down, they might realize that they have made gross mistakes in the selection of their spouse. A broken marriage will cost dearly. It can leave not only financial but emotional and mental scars. Thus, youngsters need to exercise caution in matters related to love and marriage. This would protect them from a lot of heartache later on.

Haste Makes Waste Essay 150 words

Sometimes, we may end up driving some good people out of our lives just because some of our other relations don’t like them. Therefore, it is not wise to  pay attention to the negative opinion of some of our so-called friends and thereafter, give pain to those folks who have meant us no harm. In other words, we should give each of our relationship time. Some of them might work, while the others may not. Hasty decisions in personal matters will lead us to our own peril.

Furthermore, we should be careful while spending our money. In other words, we should control our temptation to spend our money the moment we get hold of them. Careless spending will lead to financial insecurity. Therefore, it is important to refrain from reckless purchases. Money spent in haste is money wasted. Such practices can never give us happiness. On the contrary, mindless spending can increase our woes and give us sleepless nights.

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