Look Before You Leap Amplification

Look Before You Leap Amplification

Hello Readers! This post features the proverb Look Before You Leap Amplification.

Look Before You Leap Meaning

Before taking any action, we should think about the outcome. Expressed simply, some of the steps that we take may bring us positive results.

However, there may be others which might impact us in a negative way. Life is complex. Therefore, we must plan our actions well. In other words, we should take care to avoid mistakes.

Look Before You Leap Paragraph

When people face a crisis, they may take a decision which they might regret later on. For instance, a woman may decide to walk out of her marriage after a heated argument with her husband. At that moment in her life, she might believe that she had taken the right decision. However, her situation after the end of her marriage may turn out to be something that she hadn’t expected to happen in the first place.

For example, after leaving her husband, if a woman decides to move into the home of her parents, her siblings and their respective spouses might not greet her with an open heart. On the other hand, if she chooses to live alone she might have to address a whole lot of challenges which she had perhaps not anticipated before. Therefore, the idea of quitting a domestic set up with one’s spouse just because the going is getting tough, is not always a pleasant idea. It is important to think carefully before acting upon a particular decision.

Look Before You Leap Expansion of Idea 100 words

The proverb ‘ Look Before You Leap’ implies that we should think before we speak.  Also, we must be cautious while choosing our words.

Human relationships are fragile. Lasting friendships form only when we speak in a sensible way. Even a single harshly uttered word can bruise our deepest friendships.

Similarly, it would be foolish to make a purchase of a particular item just because our neighbor has a similar one. Before deciding to buy a car or a house, we should check whether we really have the means or the resources to do so. Additionally, it would be unwise to take a loan if we don’t have a good source of income.

Furthermore, while at work, we need to be careful while interacting with our colleagues and superiors. If our job is precious to us, we should see to it that we don’t lose it just because of a few hastily spoken words.

Moreover, before starting a new business, we must check our resources. It would be stressful to start a business and then shut it down due to lack of sufficient funds. It is better to postpone our decisions until we are more financially equipped to shoulder the demands of a new venture.

Look Before You Leap Story

Emily Simpson was depressed because her husband was angry with her. The truth was that he’d stopped coming home these days. Instead, he went to one of his male colleague’s houses after work every evening, and had been living there for the past three months.

The issue between the young couple was related to the purchase of a new luxury car. Emily’s husband Mark was quite happy with his old car.

In fact, he had absolutely no plan of buying a new one, and that too, a rather expensive model. However, his wife had made up her mind. They were going to have a new car because the neighbors had brought home one.

Mark had tried to explain to his wife that the neighbors could afford a much better lifestyle than theirs because they were wealthier. However, Emily was adamant.

She wanted her husband to buy her a new car at any cost. Besides, she complained that she was embarrassed about not owning a separate vehicle for herself. Furthermore, she pointed out that Mark could always take a loan and get her the car.

When the domestic environment at home became rather stifling for Mark, he had to give in. Thereafter, he went ahead and bought the fancy car of his wife’s choice.

However, in his efforts to please his wife, Mark had to give up the idea of purchasing a low budget house in the country side. Eventually, the house was sold off to another customer.

Emily’s inability to understand the priorities of her husband had caused a lot of strain on her marriage. She had failed to realize that owing a house was far more important than owning a luxury car.

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