My Classroom Essay in English


My Classroom Essay in English

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My classroom is a place which gives me immense joy and contentment. It’s a space that gives me and my class-mates knowledge, fun and leisure. My classroom is located on the fourth floor of Brookfield Meadows School.

To begin with, it is an area where the tenth standard students come to every working day with a sense of pride and belonging. I’m a student of the ‘B’ section of the tenth class. The best thing I like about our classroom is its size. Furthermore, it is located in a new block of our school campus, and is much larger than the one we had last year.

We are a group of forty students in our classroom. There are nineteen girls and twenty-one boys in our room. All the four walls of are classroom have been painted in cream shade.

We have six large French-styled windows and the curtains are in a combination of cream and green. Additionally, there are ten high-speed ceiling fans. Each of these fans is chocolate-brown in color.

We have two large cupboards to keep workbooks, exercise copies, art albums, students’ scrapbooks, laboratory notebooks, stationery and other important stuff. Moreover, our indoor games like Ludo, Chess, Chinese checkers and building blocks are also inside those cupboards.

Besides, there are two extra bookshelves to hold the lovely books of our mini classroom library. We also have a separate pantry in our classroom. Our pantry stores our cookies, snacks, chocolate bars and toffees.

We have some open space in one side of our classroom. The students use this space for indoor games, art and craft work, rehearsals for group or solo songs and dances, weekly cooking classes, to share lunch by sitting on the floor together and all kinds of other educational or fun and entertainment related work.

Our class-mates assemble in this open corridor to make plans for events like School Foundation Day, Teachers’ Day, Annual Day, etc. Additionally, they use this space to prepare salads and cakes during class-wise cookery competitions. We also use this area for some of our practical work on subjects like science and geography.

As a class, we feel so fortunate to have a large space where we can do all kinds of educational stuff in a convenient way. Every single nook and corner of our classroom is used in such a way that we get the maximum benefit.

Moreover, there is a well-stocked mini library inside our classroom and we use it on a daily basis. Our friends often borrow novels and collections of short-stories from this library.

Apart from fiction, we also have a good collection of biographies of great people, recipe books, books on art and craft, quiz, science and technology and other important subjects in our bookshelves inside the classroom.

Also, we also have books on humor and general knowledge. Sometimes we students donate books to our mini library from our own private collections that we have at home. Our class teacher and subject teachers have also made donations here.

Furthermore, every month, we appoint a librarian to handle the library related tasks inside our classroom. We select our librarians from amongst our class-mates on a rotation basis. Our class-mates have developed a keen interest in reading because of their access to this mini library.

All of us  have a wonderful team spirit. We take good care of our classroom and keep it neat and clean. Twice a week, after school gets over, we stay back to remove the cobwebs from the walls and mop the floor. Additionally, we wash the curtains regularly.

We have decorated our classroom with wonderful art pieces that we have made ourselves. Some of these items are made of wood while the others are made of bamboo or clay.

Besides, our room is a well-ventilated one and the lighting is good. We have also decorated the walls of our classroom with charts and collages on science, sports and literature.

During our recess period, we sit together and have our lunch inside our classroom. It’s fun to share food from our tiffin boxes. We also have important meetings during our tiffin break.

For instance, we make plans on forthcoming birthday celebrations. Likewise, we also discuss certain problems that our class is facing.

This is also the time when the students who are reasonably good in studies help the weaker students in their studies. We usually assist each other to solve mathematical problems.

During the tiffin break, our leaders make sure that the classroom has been tidied up. Snacks are also distributed from the pantry. This provision is hugely beneficial to those students who forget to bring their lunch boxes from home.

We have several leaders in our class. Apart from the Class Captain and Vice-Captain, there is a cleanliness in-charge, a discipline in-charge, a blackboard in-charge and a pantry in-charge. Every morning, we begin the day with a prayer and we have another prayer at the time of lunch.

Our biggest strength is our Class Teacher, Mrs. Thompson who takes good care of us, encourages us to work hard and inspires us to stay united as a class. She is a wonderful interior- decorator and has taught us to keep our classroom well-organized at all times.

However, despite all the care that we have taken, we have not been able to prevent an accident that happened in the month of May this year. A couple of boys were running around inside our classroom during the tiffin break. One of them tripped over all of a sudden and hit his forehead against a wooden desk.

Our Class Teacher and other subject teachers rushed into the room the moment they got the information about the mishap. Our friend Ronny had to be hospitalized immediately.

He got six stitched on his forehead. The incident was a big shock to us. From that day onwards, our class-mates vowed never to run around inside the room. Luckily enough, our friend Ronny is completely healed now and attends school regularly.

Our classroom is like our haven away from home. We have shared all kinds of joys and sadness with our friends within the four walls of our classroom. Moreover, we have comforted some of our classmates who have lost their parents or relatives.

As a class, we have given solace to those friends who have felt unhappy about some personal issues in their lives. Furthermore, we have celebrated victories in football and cricket.

Also, we have had parties whenever our classroom was declared as the tidiest classroom in the whole school. Over the past couple of months, we have learnt so much and have matured because of all the wisdom we have gained.

The love and affection that we feel for our class-mates is incredible. Our team spirit has emerged as the strongest in the entire school. In this classroom we have had meetings to raise money to overcome natural disasters like floods and earthquake.

Many of my class-mates are fond of raising money for charitable projects. Also, they jump into the field of social service and do volunteer work with their heart and soul. As a result, I feel fortunate to be a part of this wonderful family at school. I’m so proud of all the achievements that we have made as a team.

In conclusion, our classroom is like our temple that has taught us the virtues of simplicity, nobility, kindness and fellow-feeling. I’m confident that all of my class-mates, irrespective of the levels of their academic scores, will turn out to be good human beings and will leave behind significant contributions for the progress of mankind.

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