My Daily Life Essay

My Daily Life Essay

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Five years ago our family shifted to our ancestral village in the outskirts of Guwahati, in Assam. Life has become a little slower than before, now that I live in a rural area and enjoy the cool breeze blowing from the tall trees in the surrounding area and spend a good one hour or so taking leisurely strolls outdoors and listening to the songs of birds, before getting ready for school in the morning.

Then, I brush my teeth and take a quick bath. At around 5 O’clock, I sit down on the swing outside, sipping a glass of warm milk while my mother gets busy in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. My grandparents return from their morning walk and make their way towards the chicken coops.

The birds dart around happily, making soft clucking sounds as they are fed corn, lentils and rice grains. I get totally smitten by the sounds and sights of nature. My mother nudges me to eat my breakfast of roti and vegetable fry, before I grab my school bag and rush to catch the school bus.

The ride to school is a long one. It takes us more than an hour to reach school. I make constructive use of my time though. One by one I fetch out some of my notebooks on which I had written down some notes on the previous days. I go through my writings slowly and carefully, trying to memorize some of the key definitions I had noted down. My friends in the bus engage in occasional chit chats with me.

Between my reading session, I turn towards two of my classmates while they narrate tales from some of the movies they had watched recently. The ride to school is long, but it is always pleasant and joyful. I look forward to mingling with my friends and fellow commuters on the bus and sharing a joke or two with them. Since I am the only child of my parents, I don’t get much opportunity to have fun with siblings at home.

This is one of the reasons why I always look forward to going to school. The bus ride is a source of immense pleasure to me. It gives me the chance to understand my friends as well as get some idea about their favorite activities and hobbies. They often speak about their families and pets, and it is such a joy to join in the conversation.

My school hours pass by rather quickly. We learn subjects like English, Social Science, Mathematics, General Science, History, Computers and the vernacular languages. Thrice a week, we get the opportunity to learn a foreign language. I learn French while by best friend Sophia learns Chinese.

During holidays, Sophia and I get together at home to teach each other the foreign languages we are picking up at school. Honestly, I had always been drawn to the Chinese language and culture, but I had to opt for French because a cousin of my father’s lives in France, and so my father is very keen on visiting the country in the future.

Father thinks that a reasonable degree of fluency in the French language would make it easier for our family to navigate our way through the country of France if we visit it in the future. At school, apart from a host of languages and other subjects, we are also taught swimming, horse riding, music, drawing, art and craft, gymnastics, dancing, cooking and baking.

In the afternoon, after returning from school, I sit down for a hearty meal with my family. We often have rice, lentils, fish curry with an assortment of fried vegetables for lunch. While having my food, I fill in on the day’s happenings to my family. I talk about the pranks that some of my friends had done at school that day, or about the jokes they had cracked.

My parents and grandparents have a good laugh over the things I tell them. When lunch is over, I get involved in some small tasks around the house, like feeding the pigeons, parrots, chickens, ducks and rabbits. I spend some time playing with all of them. The pets in our house give us immense joy and pleasure. We feel so blessed to have them with us. Besides, we have an old gardener living in the outhouse in the yard. In the afternoon, I assist him while he goes around watering the plants.

Sometimes our neighbors’ children visit us after school. We play volleyball or badminton together. At around six in the evening, after tea, I sit down to study for a couple of hours. Furthermore, I complete my homework and do some reading and writing. Thrice a week I have a home tutor visiting me. He helps me in mathematics and science. We have dinner at 9 O’clock.

After dinner, I watch television for ten to fifteen minutes. I practice some more mathematics before bed-time and then check out my time-table for the next day. Furthermore, I arrange all my books and notebooks in my school bag and then brush my teeth and clean my face. I hop into bed at around 10 O’clock. Also, I read a story book for ten or fifteen minutes. Then I quickly say my prayers, thanking God for all the good things He had done for me and also for keeping my family, friends, teachers and my neighbors safe and healthy. Eventually, I fall asleep, and the following day, wake up to the pleasant sounds of birds chirping near my window.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I spend a lot of time feeding and playing with my pets. I love collecting the eggs that the hens have laid. Sometimes, I accompany my grandfather to sell them in the farmers’ market. Apart from eggs, we also sell dried and fresh vegetables and fruits, jams and pickles. I take pride in the small business that my family runs in the countryside.

They work really hard at the farm, and it is such a joy to see the rewards that the ventures have brought. On Sundays, my mother often invites some of our family friends, neighbors and relatives for lunch. The food is usually cooked outdoors. I assist in collecting firewood, chopping vegetables and keeping the yard clean. There is a lot of talking and laughing, singing and dancing during such weekly get-togethers at our place.

We live a simple life in the village. I feel fortunate that my family has been able to afford to send me to a good school in the heart of the city of Guwahati. The lifestyles, hobbies and pastimes of most of my classmates at school are quite different from mine. However, I am quite happy with my routine in the village because it gives me the opportunity to enjoy nature and be happy with the simplicities of life.

With so many pets living with us in the house, and with so many plants and trees to take care of outdoors, our days are always fun and fulfilling. Every new day has something new to teach me. My daily life in the village and my life as a student in a city school in Guwahati, have helped me to experience two contrasting yet meaningful aspects of life.

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