My House Essay

My House Essay

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My House Essay 40 words

I live in a small cottage by the sea. More specifically, I inherited this home from my grandmother who passed away last year.

I love living in this house because I can watch the sea from the windows of my bedroom and living room. Moreover, on quiet evenings, I sit on the door-step of this house.

I enjoy the view of the waters quietly lapping against the shore. Also, my house is precious to me because it gives me a sense of inner peace.

My House Essay 10 lines

  • I live in small house in the middle of a forest.
  • My family shifted to this home last autumn.
  • The main reason why I adore this house is because I’m a nature lover.
  • Therefore, it makes me happy to wake up to the chirping of birds every morning.
  • Additionally, the remote location of this house makes my family stay away from the din and hustle of city life.
  • My mother has decorated this house with both fresh and dry flowers.
  • Besides, we have a kitchen garden at the back of our house.
  • We use solar panels to get our electricity in this house.
  • My parents entertain visitors in our home every weekend.
  • In short, I am proud of my house and love it from the bottom of my heart.

My House Essay 100 words

I live in a big house in the city of Guwahati. There are four bedrooms in the first floor. Every single bedroom has an attached bathroom.

Besides, there is a balcony connected to every bedroom. We often have overnight guests in our house. Our relatives visit us every weekend because they can eat and relax here freely. People come to our place rather frequently.

Since we have a large living room, they love to sit and talk here for hours at a stretch. Obviously, I feel blessed to have such a large amount of space in our home.

It is the meeting place of our loved ones. Therefore, I am happy that this residence brings everybody closer to one another.

My House paragraph

I live in a tiny house on a hillock. My parents and two younger sisters live in this house with me. Even though the house is small, we love to live here because the view is spectacular.

We get to see lush greenery all around the house. My father purchased this house from his old friend who now lives in London.

It was offered to my father at a very reasonable price. Therefore, he decided to buy it immediately. One of the major benefits of living in a small house is that one does not have to clean a large space. Such a house can be maintained easily.

My House Essay for Class 10

My house is very far from the town. It is in a rural area. My father made the decision to shift to this house last year. He did so because he had taken voluntary retirement from his government job.

We welcomed the idea of relocating to the countryside because we love the slow pace of living there. Additionally, we also appreciate the quietness in these types of places.

This house where we now live was owned by a man who loved farm work. Therefore, when my parents bought this property, we got quite a lot of benefits from it.

Firstly, my house has a large orchard in the backyard. There are trees like jackfruit, olives, mangoes, gooseberries, guavas and coconuts.

Next, we have also got a freshwater pond behind our house. Then, we have a coop for chickens. Furthermore, there is a cowshed and a barn in the back of our house.

My parents love to do gardening work. We have flowers like roses, daffodils, hibiscus, petunias and marigold in our garden.

Furthermore, we have a large variety of potted plants both inside and outside the house. Our gardener, Bhola, lives in the outhouse.

His family also lives with him here. My parents take active interest in the flower garden and orchard because they run a small business here. They sell the fruits to vendors who visit us every Sunday. Besides, they also sell the seeds of flowers.

My mother is an expert in knitting and stitching. She loves to do crochet and embroidery work. My siblings and I have learnt a lot of creative things from her.

My mother has adorned our living room with a handwoven carpet. Moreover, she has stitched beautiful net curtains for different areas of our house. Also, my father has assisted her to paint the walls.

We have several pets in our house. For instance, there are three dogs and two cats living with us here. Besides, we have four parrots and three rabbits.

Outdoors, we have chickens, ducks, geese and pigeons. Besides, we have four cows and three goats. The various pets living with us keep us busy all day. Moreover, they also give us immense joy and happiness.

Since we live quite far away from the town, we keep our pantry well-stocked at all times. My mother also stores canned sauces, jams and pickles in the pantry.

She makes these delicious food items herself. My sisters and I help our mother to run the kitchen efficiently. Additionally, we also assist our father in a number of household tasks. It is such a delight to be handy around the house.

A calm and serene environment prevails in our house most of the times. Yet, sometimes, when my relatives and friends from the town visit us, there is noise, cheer, laughter and merriment.

Obviously, my family eagerly waits for the arrival guests because their presence in the house helps to break the monotony of life. My father’s old colleagues and acquaintances also come to our house every now and then.

Our house is not a palatial kind of residence. However, it has been a source of inspiration to everyone who has visited us.

The choice of the colors of the curtains, cushions and bed covers in our house have gladdened many hearts. The shape and texture of the wooden furniture in our home have also received much admiration. I feel blessed to be an inmate of this lovely home.


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