My Neighbour Essay in English

Clara Goldsmith ( my neighbour)

My Neighbour Essay in English

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My neighbour is a widowed woman in her early forties. Her name is Clara Goldsmith. She lives in a small cottage just a couple of yards away from my house. Also, she shifted to this tiny home after her grandmother passed away. Clara’s husband who was a school teacher died a couple of years ago.

Although this neighbour of mine has been living near my home for more than a year now, I never got the chance to interact with her much. She is a shy and reclusive woman. Furthermore, I hardly ever saw her going out with anyone. Nor did she seem to invite anybody over to her place.

Six months ago, Clara showed up at my porch. Her appearance was so unexpected that it took me a while to really believe that it was her. Clara looked visibly disturbed.

I hurriedly led her indoors, straight into the kitchen, and poured her a mug of coffee. As she eased herself against the dark mahogany chair, with one of her trembling hands running against the red and white laced napkins on the rounded table in the corner of the room, Clara asked if she could spend the night at my place.

Since, I’m a single woman like my neighbor herself, I had no reason to object. I said that I was perfectly okay with her spending a couple of days at my house. Consequently, Clara looked relieved and thanked me profusely. After making a couple of sandwiches and boiled eggs for her, and another pot of coffee to go with the meal, I guided her into the spare bedroom. Also, I offered her some of my fresh clothes to change into.

Late that evening over a bowl of chicken soup, Clara began her story. She said that the cottage in which she was living was haunted! At first, I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Surely, Clara was mistaken, I thought. Her grandmother had often dropped by at my place while she was alive.

Sometimes, I’d even accompanied the old lady while she had gone grocery shopping. Once in a while, I’d even gone to the church with Christina Goldsmith. However, never once had the old lady mentioned the presence of any ghost or spirit in her cottage.

Next, my neighbour Clara said that she first began to get the feeling that the house was haunted when she purchased an old wooden chest at an antique shop in South Africa. The box had appeared quite battered and worn out when she’d set eyes on it for the first time. However, the dealer offered to give the box to her at a very low price. Clara purchased it instantly and got it shipped home.

Strangely enough, after the arrival of the wooden chest at the cottage, Clara began to feel rather uncomfortable, especially in the evenings. Nightmares tormented her every time she dropped into bed. Furthermore, she also heard some soft, creaking sounds in the house.

At first, she wasn’t able to figure out what was happening. Then, slowly, as the days rolled by, with the unusual happenings in her cottage not showing any sign of stopping, Clara felt that something was not okay with the chest that she had purchased in South Africa.

Eventually, I decided to make a phone call to friend who lives in a different neighborhood. My friend Dana arrived the very next morning. She is an herbalist who has this power to drive away evil spells with her herbal powers and potions. Together all the three of us visited my neighbour’s cottage the next morning.

On inspecting the house, Dana made a few notes. To begin with, she said that the cottage needed to be more airy, and suggested a couple of renovations here and there. Following this, she asked Clara to get rid of some of the clutter in the house. Clara wanted to know if the wooden chest needed to be discarded as well, since it was the one that was giving her the discomfort.

After this, Dana inspected the chest closely. It wasn’t a particularly large-sized one, but it definitely looked interesting. She assured Clara that she could easily drive away any evil influence connected with the chest. Besides, she assured her that the problem would be fixed in less than a week.

Clara looked immensely relieved to hear that. However, she confessed that she adored the antique chest dearly, and that it would have broken her heart to let it go. In the next couple of days, we assisted Dana as she walked around the woods nearby, collecting wildflowers of different colors and fragrances.

Powders and potions were made real fast. Consequently, my herbalist friend was able to drive away the evil influences from the chest much quicker than we had anticipated.

After the incident related to the wooden chest, my relationship with my neighbor Clara improved dramatically. She appeared to be more open and friendly now. Also, she visited my place more often and on alternate Sundays, she invited Dana and me to have lunch at her place. It was during her meet-ups with me that she eventually began to speak more about her family, and especially about her late grandmother.

One of the biggest regrets that Clara said she had now was that she had failed to spend more time with the old lady while she was alive. Additionally, Clara said that in the early years of her life, she’d made several mistakes, but the most painful one was her inability to spare more time for her elderly grandmother who had been living far away from her in a remote countryside.

Moreover, she also said that in her youth she had given far too much importance to her career as a fashion model. Her profession was demanding one. Yet, she was making good money. At that stage in her life she was ambitious, and she worked hard, trying to grab every possible opportunity to get a lucrative modeling assignment. Over the years which followed, her phone calls to her old granny had become fewer in number, and sometimes they just ended up talking only once a month.

Clara said that the biggest shock she’d ever received was the news that the old lady had passed away in her sleep. She felt guilty that she’d not been able to take care of her grandmother more often. Christina Goldsmith had left the house and some money for her only grandchild. The amount that Clara had inherited wasn’t much, but it was sufficient to take care of her food and living expenses for another five years or so, if she chose not to go back to work.

Over another meeting with her, Clara spoke to me about her deceased husband. My neighbor was already a widow when she shifted to the cottage. I had no knowledge about her husband, nor had I ever seen him earlier. However, I do remember seeing Clara in the neighborhood once every year at the time of Christmas when she came visiting her granny.

Clara said that her late husband was a freelance photographer who loved camping in the woods. Furthermore, he often went out to camp alone, and during one of his outdoor assignments in the forest, he got bitten by a venomous snake and died a few days later.

In conclusion, I discovered that my neighbor was a heroic woman who had endured much in life. Two major bereavements had made her seem like a reticent, distant and uncommunicative person, but the incident related to the haunted chest in her cottage had suddenly exposed a different side of her personality. She told me that the sudden deaths in her family had sent her into a state of shock and grief for a long while, but now my friendship with her was helping her to regain her lost faith in the wonders that life has to offer.

My Neighbour Essay in 10 Lines

  • My neighbour is an elderly lady.
  • Her name is Mrs. Sandy Johnson.
  • Sandy’s husband was a doctor who had expired several years before.
  • She lives in a small house which is a short distance away from ours.
  • Our neighbour loves animals and birds.
  • She has two kittens, a dog and a parrot in her house.
  • I often see my neighbour taking her dog out for a walk in the evenings.
  • Sometimes, the cats follow her outdoors. However, at other times they prefer to stay indoors.
  • I like to visit my neighbour’s house because she is a warm and friendly lady.
  • Occasionally, I accompany her when she goes out to meet friends.


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