My Pet Dog Essay

My Pet Dog Essay

Hello, Readers! This post features My Pet Dog Essay. A pet plays an important role in the lives of animal and bird lovers. It can help to drive away boredom. Moreover, it can unite family members and bring joy into the household. Moreover, the people who live alone like to keep a pet to keep themselves away from loneliness.

My Pet Dog Paragraph 100 words

I have a pet dog whose name is Tim. He is five years old. All those who visit my house make friends with Tim immediately. This is because my dog is a very happy and social animal. I take out my dog for a walk every morning. Sometimes, I take it out in the evenings as well. Both my parents are dog lovers. Therefore, they take good care of Tim when I am not at home.

Every year, my family celebrates Tim’s birthday. On such occasions, we invite our friends and neighbors to our home. Our visitors pamper Tim with colorful dresses and dog treats. Tim loves all the attention that he gets on his birthday. It is such a pleasure to have a bright, friendly animal running around inside our house.

Both my siblings are also incredibly attachedĀ  to our pet dog. Tim is such a cute and lively animal that he has helped us to relieve our stress during distressing times. Besides, it also keeps watch over our house at all times. Honestly, I love my pet dog so much that I cannot think of living even a single day without him.

My Pet Dog 10 Lines

  1. My pet dog is a Pug called Roger.
  2. An old retired gentleman living near our house gifted this dog to me last year.
  3. Roger is a cute little animal.
  4. Everybody loves it because it has a soft and gentle look.
  5. Roger accompanies me to the market in our neighborhood.
  6. Also, I have trained it to collect the newspaper from the porch every morning.
  7. My Pug is so attached to me that he does not leave my side even for a moment.
  8. Roger eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  9. He joyfully follows me around in the garden whenever I spend some time outside.
  10. However, my pet dog is not very fond of taking a bath and creates a tantrum every time I try to clean him.

My Pet Dog Essay 200 words

My pet dog is a four year old Rottweiler. His name is Rory. He is a smart and active dog. My father brought this dog home when the animal was still a puppy. Rory is a devoted and intelligent dog. He is actively involved in the affairs of the household. Rory takes care of the farm animals and birds in our backyard and keeps a good watch over their movements.

Besides, our Rottweiler is a lovely, playful dog and has a great time chasing the crows that visit our house every morning. We take good care of our dog and give him healthy food to eat. Also, we take him out for grooming sessions every alternate week. Additionally, we take Rory to a vet every time we feel the need to do so.

Our pet dog has some interesting characteristics. He loves to get himself photographed. Moreover, he watches television shows, movies and cricket matches with great interest. Also, he is a sensitive dog. He can easily understand if a particular family member is sad. Thereupon, he adopts all kinds of heart-warming tactics to improve the mood of the family member.

Last year, Rory got an award from our local community for saving the life of a blind man who was trying to cross the main road across our house. We take Rory to dog shows and contests every year. He never returns home without a prize. To sum up, our Rottweiler is a wonderful dog and we feel so blessed to have him with us.

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