My School Essay

My School Essay

Hello, Readers! This post features My School Essay. A school is an awesome place for learning and social interaction. Going to school leads to growth and wholesome development of a child.

My School Essay 100 words

I study at a residential school called Daisy Towers in the outskirts of my hometown. At first, I didn’t want to get admitted into this school because I didn’t want to stay away from my parents. However, two of my cousins also study in this school and they assured me that I would enjoy studying here. Eventually, I agreed to come and live here when I got the news that I had passed the selection test.

The best thing I like about my school is that it is located on a small hill. There are acres and acres of land all around. A couple of days after I had shifted to the campus, my cousins and I decided to explore the orchard in the premises of our school. We collected ripe mangoes, gooseberries and blackberries from the ground. Besides, we relished the stillness of the surroundings.

Our school is a co-educational organization and follows the C.B.S.E curriculum. The teachers are rather nice and friendly. I am especially fond of our Mathematics teacher because she has made the subject seem rather simple to me. Honestly, I had never like Mathematics before. However, after a couple of months of study in this residential school, my dread of this subject has almost vanished!

My School Essay 10 Lines

  1. The name of my school is Happy Bells High School.
  2. It is a short distance away from my house.
  3. My classmates often visit my home as it is very near our school.
  4. Every morning, I go to school on foot.
  5. There is a large playground at the back of my school.
  6. Besides, there is a flower garden in the front.
  7. I like my school because I have made a lot of friends here.
  8. Moreover, my teachers are also kind and loving.
  9. Our school arranges field trips for us every alternate month.
  10. We also have an annual school excursion, when we get the opportunity to visit the different places in our country.

My School Essay in 250 words

I study at a school where both my parents are teachers. My father teaches English in the high school level while my mother teaches art and craftwork at the middle school level. I have been studying in this school right from my kindergarten days. Most of children from our neighborhood come to this school to study. Thereupon, the school is growing with the gradual rolling of the years.

Sometimes my friendsĀ  ask me if I find it a little uncomfortable to have both my parents working in the same school where I am a student. I do have to admit that I do find certain awkward situations in the classroom if my father is teaching there. At such times, I wonder if my classmates are judging me according to the way my father is interacting with them during grammar classes. Many of my fellow classmates are weak in grammar, so they don’t always find the grammar classes fun.

However, on the whole studying in this school is a real blessing to me. Both my parents love to travel. Every year, they accompany our students on school excursions to distant places. I really cherish these moments because this is a time when I get to see the light, jovial nature of my father. The students adore him for his leadership qualities, and his ability to negotiate through a myriad range of travel-related problems.

In conclusion, I love my school because it has a large library. For an avid reader like me, having access to a wide range of free books to read, is a real joy! Besides, we also have a canteen where only vegetarian food is served. We go on picnics and field trips quite often. Furthermore, I feel proud of my school because it hosts a number of events like science exhibitions, inter-school debate and quiz contests, etc. Honestly speak, school life is a glorious phase. One should always make the best use of it.

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