My School Magazine Essay

My School Magazine Essay

Hello, Readers! This post features My School Magazine Essay.

My School Magazine paragraph for Class 8

I study at a day boarding school for girls. The name of our school is Lilies. Therefore our school magazine is titled as The Lilians. It is an annual magazine designed to showcase the achievements of the school. Our magazine has our English Teacher, Dilwara Begum as our editor. Also, it has three other teachers as sub-editors. Three of our students also work as sub-editors.

Last year, I decided to feature two interviews with two of our ex students, in our school magazine. Both are currently working abroad but had come home during the summer. I visited our ex student, Sandy Brown first. She is an engineer who is currently working in Canada. Next, I visited Anirban Baruah who is currently working as a doctor in Colorado, USA.

Both our ex-students recollected their school days and the values they had learnt from their teachers. In their interviews, they gave tips on study methods and discipline. I feel that my in-depth conversation with these two former school pupils played a key role in lifting the standard of our school magazine.

My School Magazine Paragraph for Class 10

I have been working as a sub-editor for our school magazine since the past two years. The title of our school magazine is Radiantly, and we publish it annually. The students and teachers work hard for it right from the start of the new academic session.

We feel incredibly proud of our magazine because it offers us an awesome chance to exhibit our skills. Also, it is hugely rewarding to us because the people who read it recognize our talent and applaud us for our achievements.

This year we are planning to include three travel stories in our magazine. One of those stories is related to an excursion that the twelfth standard students took last year. Six of our teachers had also accompanied the students on this trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the south of India.

Another travel story is related to a trip to Scotland. This trip was sponsored by our management. It was a part of bumper prize that was awarded to eleven teachers of our school who had not taken even a single day’s leave from work since the past ten years. Therefore, the management of our school gave these selected teachers a dream opportunity to tour Scotland for free!

The third travel story is related to one of our tenth standard student, Clarissa’s trip to U.S.A as a part of an international team of budding scientists. In her travel story, Clarissa is describing her experiences while inter-acting with students from different schools worldwide.

Apart from the three travel stories, our magazine is going to feature a couple of comic strips and jokes; art work, short stories, poetry, quizzes and riddles, interviews, short articles and news items. Additionally, it will hold colorful photographs of a variety of campus events that were held all through last year.

To sum up, I really enjoy getting together with my friends and teachers to work on this project. Now, I am eagerly waiting for it to be released during the celebration of our school’s Annual Day in December.

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