My Village Essay in English

My Village Essay in English

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My village is on the outskirts of Jorhat town. Also, it is located in an area called Cinnamara. My village creates a mesmerizing sight to onlookers because it is dotted with tea gardens. On hot summer days, I love to wander about outdoors. I visit the quiet tea gardens with my camera and spend a lot of time taking photographs of the scenic beauty that I see all around me. Moreover, I love my life in the village because it is a lovely, peaceful and noiseless place.

My Village

Most of the people in our village rear farm animals at home. Our family has five cows and three goats. Furthermore, our neighbors have a flock of sheep from which they get wool. Life in our village is quite busy. My parents do most of the household work. For instance, my mother collects firewood for your mud oven and wood stove. She also collects fresh grass for our cows and goats. We  have hens and ducks along with their young ones. Taking care of all these animals and birds involves quite a bit of work.

My brothers help my father in maintaining the vegetable garden and fishery in our backyard. In our garden, we grow cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, squash, pumpkins, bitter gourd, chilly and lemons in the summer. When it is winter, we have plenty of peas, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower and coriander. My mother makes jams from the pineapples and guavas. She also makes pickles of mangoes, ginger-garlic, jackfruit, star-fruit and king chilly. Most of the jams and pickles are sold in the village market on Sundays. Moreover, we even sell eggs and curd in the market.

The people in our village are very kind, caring and helpful by nature. We love to exchange food, both raw and cooked. We also borrow one another’s tools and farm equipment to handle our yard work. On festive occasion we assemble by a fire and have a hearty meal together. The families live in peace and harmony with hardly any dispute or argument. Likewise, there is no scope for conflict or competition in our village. We live a simple life, and work very hard to make a living.

There is a small stream flowing beside a clump of coconut trees a short distance away from our neighborhood. The youngsters in our village who are fond of fishing spend a good amount of time there. They often catch fish like trout and koi. These are often shared with the neigbours or sold in the market. Additionally, some of the freshly caught fish are salted and dried to be consumed later.

The mornings in our village are immensely soothing. I love watching the movements of pigeons and doves flitting about. A large flock of wild parrots often visit our home during the guava season. On summer mornings, I wake up early so that I can experience the thrill of seeing all these colorful creatures flying about. Occasionally, I catch sight of a squirrel climbing up a tree or a rabbit darting by. We even have peacocks visiting us once in a while!

Our village is full of lush greenery. Also, we have thick clumps of trees like bamboo, cane, sugarcane, date palms, coconut, olives and gooseberries growing in abundance all over the lands. Sometimes, I accompany my friends while they go around looking for the shoot of bamboo trees. The shoot is grated and made into pickles which is again sold or stored for future use. We make an assortment of sweets with the coconuts that we collect in our village.

Besides, we have two schools , a dispensary, a post office and two grocery stores in our village. We also have a large community kitchen for all kinds of celebrations. One of our neighbors who has just returned home has decided to open an English medium school in the village. The news has created much excitement and enthusiasm amongst our people here as it promises to create employment opportunities to many talented and educated youngsters in our village.

People from different religious backgrounds live in peace and harmony here. We have a church, several temples and a mosque in our village. Every family gets equal treatment from the village head. Even the poorest of the poor feel loved because the people here do not discriminate on the basis of financial, religious or social background. At the time of any unforeseen calamity like an earthquake or flood, every family takes care of their neighbor, and under no circumstance, is anybody made to feel insecure or isolated.

Life in my village has taught me to be simple, kind and loving. It has helped be to appreciate the beauty of nature. The twitter of the birds at daybreak and the feel of the fresh countryside breeze all day, give me immense joy and peace. I feel incredibly blessed to be a member of this wonderful rural community. Together with my grandparents, my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings I live blissfully within the comfort and care of a large family and the added pleasure of having my dwelling place in a village, far away from the din and hustle of a city makes me happy and grateful.

I sincerely believe that every single human being should get a chance to spend a certain phase of his/her life in a village. This would help him/her to understand and appreciate the abundance that nature has in her womb. Village life teaches man to be simple and down-to-earth. It inspires man to find delight in the most ordinary things. Moreover, Village life strengthens us and fills our minds with optimism. It purifies our soul and influences us to become better human beings. Furthermore, we learn to work hard and derive pleasure from our efforts. We evolve into better and nobler versions of our old selves.

While concluding, I would like to add that village life is not perfect. It does have its fair share of challenges. However, there can be no doubt that it is the perfect place to seek solace if one feels stressed out. Village life is a haven for a troubled soul. These are some of the reasons why my parents and grandparents have always preferred country life to city life. My village is the only place that gives me a sense of belonging and peace.

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