Myself Essay

Myself Essay

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How to write Myself 10 lines?

  1. I am a fourteen year old girl.
  2. Besides, I study in Green Glory School in Guwahati, Assam.
  3. I have a younger brother and a sister.
  4. Both my parents are working people.
  5. Our grandparents live with us.
  6. I love to draw and paint.
  7. Also, I love to decorate our house.
  8. Cats are my favorite animals.
  9. I love to help the poor and needy people.
  10. Finally, I am fond of travelling.

How to write Myself 20 lines?

  1. I am a fifteen year old boy.
  2. Besides, I am a high school student.
  3. I live in a beautiful house in the countryside.
  4. I lost my mother a couple of years ago.
  5. My father lives with me in this rural area.
  6. The loss of my mother often haunts me.
  7. However, I try to stay in a positive mood.
  8. Every morning, I wake up early and go for a walk.
  9. Sometimes, my father accompanies me.
  10. However, at other times, he stays at home to tend to our garden
  11. After my morning walk, I have breakfast with my father.
  12. After returning from school, I do my homework.
  13. Then, I have lunch with my father.
  14. Recently, my father brought home a dog to keep us company.
  15. Furthermore, a neighbor gifted us a pair of white kittens.
  16. Although I wasn’t a pet lover before, I have become one after my mother’s demise.
  17. Life without a mother is not easy; yet, I try to be happy.
  18. I like to keep myself busy with household work.
  19. Occasionally, I go out to meet my friends.
  20. On Sundays, I invite some of my relatives to have lunch at our house.

About Myself Paragraph

I am a young woman in my late twenties. Besides, I am a self employed artist and content creator. Also, I live alone on the fifth floor of a residential complex in our city.

I have a studio on the ground floor of our building. Furthermore, I feel fortunate to be self-employed at such a young age in my life. Since I live away from my family, I miss them quite a lot.

However, my father holds a transferable job and my family often shifts places because of the nature of his job. Due to the fact that I live alone, I have become disciplined and responsible over the years. I love to keep my house neat and clean.

Besides, I enjoy decorating my house in my leisure hours. Once in a while, I invite my cousins to stay over at my place. Together, we cook, watch movies and go out for shopping.

Short Essay about Myself

I am a kind and cheerful young man. Besides, I love the company of like-minded people. I live in a bustling city, in a large joint family. Additionally, I love to camp in the forest. Whenever, I go camping, I take my dog Macy with me. I am quite fond of life outdoors.

Also, I like to click photographs of birds, berries and wildflowers. Over the years, I have shot a considerable amount of nature photographs. I love to support the poor and disabled people with the money I earn from this hobby.

Fishing is yet another hobby of mine. I catch a lot of fresh water fish in the rainy season. Sometimes I share them with my neighbors while at other times I give them away to the poor. Additionally, I actively engage myself in social work. I raise money to support the victims of natural disasters like landslides, floods and earthquakes.

Describing Myself Essay

I am a girl in my late teens. I live in a small house on the outskirts of our city. Besides, I am quite attached to my family. My father is a retired doctor while my mother is a homemaker. Also, I have a sister who is younger to me by five years.

I love all kinds of household work. Moreover, I am fond of baking. During holidays, I bake cakes, bread and biscuits. Furthermore, I make sauces, jams and pickles whenever I get the time. Recently, my mother got a permit to start a small food business from home. Honestly, I’m so incredibly excited about this family venture!

Moreover, I’m an optimistic person. The prospect of meeting new people gladdens my heart. Also, I take great care to nurture my relationship with my old friends.

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