Newspaper Essay

Newspaper Essay

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Newspaper Essay in 10 lines

  1. A newspaper is a medium through which people get information easily.
  2. Also, it is a powerful source of knowledge.
  3. Newspapers generate awareness amongst people.
  4. They assist folks in keeping themselves updated about things happening around them.
  5. Newspapers help readers to plan their lives in a better way.
  6. Therefore, by reading a newspaper a person is able to make good decisions.
  7. It is important for people to cultivate the habit of going through the newspaper daily.
  8. The newspaper drives away ignorance.
  9. People become more confident about themselves by reading a newspaper daily.
  10. Besides, a newspaper is also a good source of relaxation.

Newspaper Essay in 100 words

A newspaper can be a great way of bonding with other people in the community. Those folks who don’t buy a newspaper have the habit of dropping into their neighbor’s home to read the news. Therefore, the newspaper can play an important role in forging friendships and overcoming loneliness.

Newspapers provide valid information. Consequently, people trust them. The newspaper also helps in keeping the spirits of the readers up. Even a sad person will feel better after he/she has read the day’s news. Thereby, the newspaper is a platform through which people learn to live with hope. They also learn to live in peace and harmony.

Moreover, the newspaper showcases the talent of the people living in a particular area. Academic, sports or professional achievements are highlighted in the newspapers. Also, people are able to exhibit their talent. Traders and businessmen get a medium through which they can advertise their works.

Newspaper Essay in 500 words

Newspapers carry government announcements. Besides, they also bear other kinds of official declarations. Both government and private-sector job vacancies are also published in newspapers. Additionally, newspapers carry weather forecasts and other business-related news. Also, entertainment- related information are found in newspapers. People get good knowledge about current-affairs by reading newspapers.

Newspapers are published all over the world. In other words, the newspaper is one of the most widespread medium of communication. People become alert after going through a news item related to emergency. The old generation find the newspaper especially beneficial. Reading one helps them to keep themselves engaged. A newspaper helps the elderly folks to kill boredom. Furthermore, it also assists them to get rid of anxiety issues.

The old people don’t prefer to depend on the internet to gather information because it comes with its fair share of distractions. They are more accustomed to reading the newspaper instead. However, the youngsters of the modern age surf the internet to get news.

In the present times, the newspapers are dying. One of the primary reasons is the short attention span of the modern youth. They find the printed words dull and monotonous and don’t like to devote much time reading them. Also, printing of newspapers take up a great deal of paper. Also, used newspapers occupy a sizeable part of the landfills.

Although the newspaper is quite biodegradable, it is bulky in nature. Additionally, printing it in large numbers on a daily basis isn’t considered convenient any longer because it is an item which is used only once or twice. Moreover, it is also not ecofriendly.

To sum up, the newspaper is a product that gives the impression that it is going to lose its importance in the days to come. The mushrooming of television channels makes it seem that the value of newspapers has declined. Yet, there is a large number of people in the world who think that the printed words hold conviction.

Even though the electronic media has intruded our reading space, it has not been able to replace newspapers altogether. Undoubtedly, viewership has increased significantly over the years. Yet, it has not been able to adversely affect readership. Newspapers have every chance of staying for long years to come.

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