No Pain No Gain Amplification

No Pain No Gain Amplification

There cannot be any scope for gain where there is no pain. The aim of this article is to amplify the proverb ‘ No Pain No Gain.’

If we want to achieve something in life, we need to work hard. We have to go out of our comfort zone and face challenges. There will be difficulties in our path. Success comes only to those who are keen on overcoming the odds. No pain no gain.

No Pain No Gain Meaning and Sentence

One has to face some trouble in order to achieve something worthwhile in life. An example sentence can be: The teacher advised her pupil to work hard, adding, ” No pain, No Gain.” In other words, she meant that a person cannot dream of advancing in life if he is afraid of facing difficulties or discomfort.

What is the no pain no gain concept note?

Victory does not come to a lazy person. Those who want to make their lives meaningful will really have to sweat it out. Alternately said, such folks must be self-motivated at all times. Also, they must be passionate about their goals. Moreover, they must be energetic and not feel afraid to work really hard. Success comes to only those who are really willing to slog it out.

No Pain No Gain Essay 50 Words

A farmer who has planted the seeds on time and has ploughed his field regularly has a good chance of a great harvest. He will have a fine yield because he has spent long hours toiling in the hot sun.

He has been out in the field even during poor weather conditions and has been consistent at his work. Such a person has a strong chance of making profits because he has labored really hard all through the year.

No Pain No Gain 100 Words

A  person who wants to live a sustainable life would want to live off their land. He might wish to have a kitchen garden from where he can get his vegetables easily. However, in order to have a garden he has to make some plans. At first, he would have to check out which part of his land would be most suitable for the purpose.

Next, he will have to clear the weeds and till the land. He will have to add manure and water the field on a daily basis. Hereafter, the seeds would have to be sowed and the weeding should also be continued on a regular basis.

Story on No Pain No Gain

Miranda and Peggy were two neighbors who lived in New Delhi. Both women were homemakers. Their daughters studied in the same school, and it was just a short distance away from their homes.

Miranda spent a lot of time reading books. Moreover, she was always looking for study material related to parenting and motherhood. She was immensely proud of being a mother and was keen on doing the best she could to raise her daughter.

Every day, she waited for her daughter to return from school, had lunch with her, checked her school bag for home assignments , and helped her daughter to work on them if there were any.

Miranda always rose early from bed, prepared breakfast and tiffin for her daughter Clara and made sure that her child attended her school regularly. Also, she made it a point not to miss any meeting between parents and teachers.

Miranda’s continuous involvement helped Clara to evolve into a diligent and hard-working girl. Her confidence and dedication towards her responsibilities earned her the love and goodwill of all her teachers.

Eventually, she passed out of school with flying colors. The pain that her mother had taken to raise her well, had paid off in a remarkable way!

Conversely, Peggy’s daughter’s Lara did not fare well in her school leaving examination. The reason was Peggy’s laid back attitude towards life. All through her daughter’s tenure as a school-doing student, Peggy had been both lazy and selfish.

She often made her daughter miss her classes because she woke up late. Breakfast and tiffin could rarely be prepared on time.

Peggy avoided the meetings between parents and teachers at her daughter’s school. Her husband attended some of them whenever he was in town, but more often than not, those crucial meetings were neglected.

The result was that Lara failed to pass out of school the year when Clara and the rest of their class-mates did. This story proves that there can be no gain where there is no pain.


We can succeed in our endeavors only if we persevere. The journey towards our destination may be uncomfortable. The hindrances in our path may seem never-ending. However, if we are willing to endure the pain, we stand to gain!

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