Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Hello friends! This post features an amplification of the proverb Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained.

It is the dream of every individual to lead a happy and prosperous life. We want to be successful, both personally and professionally. Also, we crave for wealth, power and position. We wish to be loved and cherished by our near and dear ones. However, these are things that do not come to us so easily.

We have to let go of certain things if we want to achieve other things. Besides, we need to make some sacrifices. More than anything else, we need to learn some new skills, invest our time, effort, money and focus on carving out a fresh path for ourselves. Success is not for lazy people. It is not something that the faint-hearted can dream of achieving.

Success is something which will embrace only those few who dare to take risks. If we don’t try out something new, we can never determine if our dreams are going to turn into reality. We must be brave and adventurous. We should give our heart and soul to a particular task if we want to see results. If we don’t start somewhere, there is no chance for us to make any gains.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Proverb

In personal relationships, it is important to work hard to make our loved ones feel treasured and valued. Sometimes, we lose good friends because we take our relationships for granted. However, every relationship needs to be nurtured.

Only then we can have a secure and happy family. We cannot hope to have good friends in our life if we don’t care about them, don’t spend time with them and don’t help them when they are in pain. Only when we choose to go out of our comfort zones and make sacrifices for our loved ones, do we earn their love, respect and trust.

Jim and Harry were colleagues at work. Both wanted to earn the goodwill of their new boss. Jim was an introvert by nature and did not like to interact with people very quickly. Harry was a happy and resourceful man. He could understand that his new boss might need some help settling down in the city because she was single and didn’t have any relatives or friends living with her.

Every day, after work, Harry stopped in front of his female boss’s door to ask if everything was okay or if she needed any help to get groceries and other stuff. Once or twice he made arrangements for an electrician to visit her home. Harry’s thoughtful gestures earned him a promotion at his workplace within eight months’ of his new boss taking over the office.

Offering assistance to a single woman, and that too a boss, was a task which was uncomfortable to Harry at first. But, his sensitive and caring nature helped his to overcome his personal discomfort and assist a senior lady at his office. If Harry had stayed timid and shy like his friend Jim, that promotion wouldn’t have been bestowed upon his way so soon.

It is the tendency of a human being to have some vision in his/her life. We may have a set of personal goals or we might have some desires and expectations in our jobs or business affairs. However, our plans cannot turn into reality just out of sheer luck. We must be open to working hard. We must be willing to take on the challenges that come with our dreams. It is important for us to understand that there cannot be any scope for us to make some achievement if we are not willing to take some risks. Uncertainty should not make us timid. Just because we have a chance of failing, does not imply that we will not give our best shot to succeed.

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