Our Class Teacher Essay

Our Class Teacher Essay

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It is always a pleasure to talk about our class teacher because she is one of the gentlest souls we have ever met. Her name is Mrs. Sandy Goldsmith.
She is the epitome of grace and dignity. We love her from the core of our heart. Mrs. Goldsmith was our class teacher last year also.
However, we did not get much opportunity to interact with her much at that time because most of our classes were held online due to the restrictions that Covid-19 had brought with it.
Fortunately, this year, we have been going to school regularly. Our joy knew no bounds the moment we discovered that our dear teacher from our previous year would be our class teacher this year as well.
Mrs. Goldsmith lives very near our school. She comes to school on foot. Mrs. Goldsmith has three sons. Two of her children study in our school while the youngest one is still a toddler. Our class teacher lives in a big family with her parents-in-law, her husband and kids.
She also has two unmarried sisters-in-law living with her. Our teacher works very hard to maintain her family.
Last year, Mrs. Goldsmith’s husband lost his job after meeting with a terrible road accident in which he lost a leg. He hasn’t been able to work ever since.
Despite the challenges in her personal life, our class teacher has never failed to report for duty on time. She rarely takes any leave from school, unless it is some kind of an emergency.
Our class teacher is a very well-dressed lady. She takes good care of her physical appearance and always enters the classroom with a smiling face. Mrs. Goldsmith wears a sari to her workplace at least twice a week. On other days, she wears pants and tops.
We love her neat hairstyles. She wears a bun on the days on which she wears a sari. On the days she wears pants, she either braids her hair or sports a bushy pony-tail.
Also, on festive occasions like Teachers’ Day or Children’s Day, she comes to school with her hair adorned with a couple of white roses freshly picked from the garden in front of her house.
Our class teacher is a very talented woman. She is a good writer and editor. Mrs. Goldsmith has authored several collections of short-stories for children.
She is the editor of our annual school magazine. Her articles on food, fashion and gardening are often published in our local newspapers.
We eagerly look forward to our creative writing classes with our class teacher. Under her guidance, we have learnt how to write reflective essays, book reviews, travel memoirs and poems. She has also taught us to write short-stories and plays.
This summer our class teacher invited us to celebrate her twin sons’ birthday at home. All the twenty five students of our class attended the birthday party at her home. She took us around the flower garden in front of her house, and the orchard in her backyard.
Mrs. Clara Goldsmith is an avid gardener. She grows all kinds of seasonal flowers in her garden and often gifts flower seeds and seedlings to her colleagues and students.
During the party in her backyard, she offered us a variety of food and fruit juices. We ate and drank to our heart’s content.
Our class teacher is a wonderful painter as well. Her paintings adorn our classroom, three of the corridors in our school and a few of her pieces are also displayed in the staff room. She mostly paints nature.
Waterfalls, valleys, hills, meadows, streams and rivulets, and even the night sky- Mrs. Goldsmith has never ceased to amaze us with the brilliance of her artistic pursuits.
Our class teacher has travelled to several European countries to showcase her paintings. She often helps the poor and the needy people with the profits that she makes by selling her paintings abroad.
Our class teacher is one of the most popular teachers in our school. Her pupils adore her great sense of humor and her fun-loving nature. She often accompanies her students to the market before cultural events like Annual Day celebrations.
Mrs. Goldsmith helps her pupils to select fabrics for the costumes that they would be wearing while playing out their roles on the stage for the Annual Day programs.
Sometimes, she makes the accessories and props for the participants of important plays. On outdoor trips for shopping, she buys ice-creams and pizzas for her students.
This year, we got the opportunity to go out with our class teacher several times. We have visited all the three children’s park in our neighborhood with her. Moreover, we have also been to two shopping malls, a zoo and a science museum as well.
In the winter, we plan to go on a picnic with our beloved teacher. She has also promised to take us to the annual book fair this year.
Moreover, we are also planning another visit to her home next month. We wish to surprise her by helping her in her garden.
Additionally, we want to mow her lawn for her and possibly assist her with some household cleaning and sprucing work if she needs them. Of course, we know that our teacher would vehemently refuse to accept our assistance.
Yet, we intend to be of some use to her anyway. We have learnt so many valuable lessons from her over the past year and a half. Even her online classes with us were so engaging and fun. We have every intention of repaying our dear teacher for her kindness.
For every student of school-going age, the class teacher plays a key role in shaping his/her personality. We feel so indebted to ours because she has been involved with us both inside and outside the school campus. Under her able guidance, we have learnt to be loving and tolerant towards our class-mates.
We have evolved into one big family which does not hold grudges, which is kind and giving at all times. Also, we have learnt the virtues of punctuality, honesty and hard work from our class teacher. She has taught us to be grateful to God for all His gifts.
Mrs. Goldsmith has also showed us the different ways in which we can share our gifts with the under privileged people of the society. More than anything else, she has taught us that it is by giving and not by receiving that we get true happiness in life.
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