Pollution Essay

Pollution Essay

Hello, Readers! This post features Pollution Essay. Pollution means impurity. It is of different types like noise pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution, etc. Indeed, pollution is one of the biggest problems that is gripping the world today.

What in Pollution in 20 words?

Pollution is the condition where toxic or harmful substances get included in nature. The entire world is getting polluted today. However, there does not seem to be any immediate solution in sight.

Pollution Essay in English

Air pollution occurs from the smoke coming out of the chimneys of industries. We should use fuels of good quality to reduce this problem. Besides, it is important for us to use machines of good quality in factories. Dense smog also defile the air in big cities.

Therefore, people should take the responsibility of planting more and more trees in such areas. The excess carbon-dioxide will get converted into oxygen only when trees are planted in abundance. Also, people should use solar power to reduce pollution.

The honking of horns and the bursting of crackers cause noise pollution. Moreover, the industrial machines and loudspeakers also create unpleasant noise. The soil gets polluted when people throw the wastes of plastics and other non-biodegradable products on it.

Consequently, the soil gets contaminated. It loses its capacity to yield good crops. Polluted soil adversely affects the progress of farmers. Water pollution occurs when untreated wastes get mixed with the rivers, lakes and ponds. Furthermore, the oceans get polluted when the ships sailing on them leak oil. The dumping of plastics and other kinds of garbage also pollute the oceans.

One of the key ways by which we can control pollution is by stopping deforestation. Instead, the government of the different countries should adopt concrete measures to promote afforestation. Also, scientific methods should be adopted to treat wastes.

Noise pollution can be controlled in an effective manner if the violators are made to pay penalty. Additionally, the government of the affected countries should prohibit the setting up of factories in residential areas. Moreover, steps should be adopted to control rising population because increase in population leads to pollution of the water, soil and air.

Chemical industries can create water pollution if they are allowed to be set up near rivers. Therefore, the government should take measures to dissuade the construction of chemical industries near water bodies like rivers.

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