Poverty Essay

Poverty Essay

Hello Readers! This post features Poverty Essay. In this essay, we will understand what is poverty. Besides, we shall also check out the causes of poverty. Also we shall learn about the different ways to get rid of poverty.

Poverty essay introduction

Poverty is that kind of situation in which people are poor. They have no financial means by which they can have a better life. Poverty is a social problem. Also, it is not a problem which is limited to just the underdeveloped or developing economies.

Poverty is an issue which is adversely affecting the lives of people all over the world. In some countries the problem is less severe while in the others, it is more. Poverty is a disorder which should be fixed by the governments of the affected countries as quickly as possible.

Every single human being has the right to live a dignified life. The morale of the poor is affected adversely due to lack of financial resources. No country can progress if the majority of its citizens are poor. Poverty is a major hindrance to growth and development.

What is poverty in 100 words?

Poverty is a condition in which the people are unable to afford the basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter. The poor people are the ones who don’t have a home to call as their own. Some may live in rented spaces if they can afford to. However, if their financial means worsen, they would have to move out of the rented homes. Then, they end up on the streets.

Also, poverty-stricken folks are those who have no nutritious food to eat. Nor do they have proper clothes to wear. Therefore, they have to depend on the charity of other people. The poverty of the people is a shameful situation for the government of the concerned countries.

Also, it is a condition that can affect the law and order of a nation. For the citizens to live in peace and harmony, it is extremely important for the leaders of the nations to come up with means of addressing and solving the problem of poverty.

Short essay on poverty

The poor people engage themselves in small jobs to earn some money on a day-to-day basis. They live extremely difficult lives and are dejected with their situation. Also, poverty makes these folks shameless. Moreover, they have this tendency to lose their conscience.

They also become irrational and lose their capacity to think logically. Most importantly, poverty induces them to get involved in criminal activities. They no longer retain the power to think about the consequences of their actions. Many  poor people beg on the streets. They ask for money or food from the passers-by on the roads. Some of the poor people may indulge in pick-pocketing. There are others who may get involved in theft and robbery.

One of the major reasons for poverty is unemployment. Another reason is the lack of education. However, people may also be unemployed due to the lack of employment. A huge gap between the rich and the poor may also be another cause of poverty.

The poor folks do not get easy access to medicines and health check-ups. Also, they don’t have the resources to get quality treatment for their health problems.

Poverty essay conclusion

The countries affected by poverty can alleviate this issue by conducting door-to-door surveys in the economically backward areas. The people should be given opportunities for free education both in school and college level. Good medical treatment should be made affordable. Also, self-employment through subsidized loan facilities should be offered to the poor people. Steps should be taken to shake the nature of the folks who are lethargic or superstitious. They should be involved in some constructive work which would help them to sustain themselves and their families.

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