Prevention is Better Than Cure Amplification

Prevention is Better Than Cure Amplification

Hello, friends! This post features Prevention is Better Than Cure Amplification.

Prevention is Better Than Cure Meaning

It is better to stop something unpleasant from happening rather than running from pillar to post looking for solutions. Once a disease magnifies, treatment can get not only expensive but also complicated. Therefore, people should go for health check ups regularly. After all, preventing a medical issue is always easier than fixing it.

Why is that Prevention is Better Than Cure?

‘ Prevention’ is the noun form of the verb ‘prevent’. Alternately said, ‘ prevention’ means ‘to stop something from happening’. Besides, ‘cure’ implies ‘solution’ or ‘treatment’. ‘ Cure’ also means relief. Prevention is better than cure because it does not involve heavy expenditure. Additionally, it saves people from sleepless nights. Prevention helps us to live life in an easy way.

What are the 5 points on Prevention is Better Than Cure?

  1. Preventing an infectious disease by taking the necessary precautions can relieve us from a whole list of anxieties.
  2. Similarly, parents can stop their children from becoming rowdy and boisterous by keeping a close watch on their activities.
  3. Also, parents can save their children from falling into bad company by counselling them while it is still early.
  4. Stopping trouble even before it has actually started can save folks from a considerable amount of heartache as well as headache.
  5. Lastly, in order to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant issues, people need to be alert and act quickly.

Paragraph on Prevention is Better Than Cure in 120 words

Life does have its share of ups and downs. Nobody gets to live a perfectly happy life. Sometimes we have good times while at other times bad. However, caution on our part can definitely help us to keep our troubles from shooting up.

We should not ignore a health issue. Also, it is not wise to postpone a medical check up. A health problem can be stopped from blowing up if we go to a doctor at the right time. In other words, an early meeting with a medical expert can save us a lot of money.

Similarly, people should be careful in their relationships. One hasty, unguardedly spoken word can cause serious damage to a relationship. In both personal and professional situations, people need to be kind and tolerant towards one another.

Constant bickering and quarreling can worsen a difficult situation. Thereupon, a family member or a good friend may lose trust or even his/her self-esteem. Moreover, in a professional situation, a person may even lose his/her job.

10 Lines on Prevention is Better Than Cure

  • We can prevent ourselves from losing a close friend by being kind and understanding.
  • At work, we can protect ourselves from losing our job by staying away from office politics.
  • Parents can protect their kids from feeling insecure by being good listeners and also by giving them time.
  • Long walks and exercise can prevent us from lethargy.
  • Timely consultation with a doctor can prevent a person from losing a sizeable chunk of his wealth in medical treatment.
  • We should control our spending habits so that we can save money to build a solid future. Not doing so might  lead us to financial insecurity in our old age.
  • In a classroom situation, a teacher needs to teach her students to remain united even when there is discord. Otherwise, things could go totally out of control. Consequently, there might be absolute chaos.
  • A gardener who removes the weeds from his garden on a regular basis does not have to face a mountain of work later on. On the other hand, a lazy person taking care of his garden might prefer to ignore the weeds. Thereupon, he/she wouldn’t have the harvest that he/she would have had under normal circumstances.
  • Preventive measures always keeps away stress.
  • The damage caused by natural disasters can be mitigated if ample preventive steps are adopted by the concerned government at the right time.

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