Prosperity Brings Friends and Adversity Tries Them Essay

Prosperity Brings Friends and Adversity Tries Them Essay

Hello Friends! This post features the proverb Prosperity Brings Friends and Adversity Tries Them Essay.

Prosperity meaning

‘ Prosperity’ means ‘ progress’ or ‘ development’. Additionally, the word also implies good times in the life of an individual. More specifically, the word ‘ prosperity’ is the abstract noun form of the verb ‘ prosper.’

Adversity meaning

In contrast, ‘adversity’ refers to difficult or challenging times. These are periods when conditions are not favorable. Furthermore, ‘adversity’ implies sadness. Also, it hints upon bad times.

Prosperity Brings Friends and Adversity Tries Them Meaning

The proverb¬† ‘ Prosperity Brings Friends and Adversity Tries them’ has a deep meaning. We, usually, don’t have friends if we are going through a difficult phase in our lives.

However, in our good times, we get a lot of people around us. In other words, everybody seems to become friends with us when we have met with good fortune, but when we lose our wealth or possessions, few would like to associate with us.

Short Essay on Prosperity

To begin with, prosperity is a time that everybody hopes for. However, it usually comes to only those who work hard for it. Yet, we can also see that some people are born under prosperous circumstances.

Also, these folks have the tendency to stay prosperous all through their lives. Contrarily, there exist a vast number of people who undergo both good and bad times. For some, those good times may be more. Yet, there may be others for whom the bad times may be more.

Prosperous conditions make us positive and happy. Consequently, our confidence level also gets a boost. Prosperity should make a person conscious of his/her blessed state.

Therefore, such an individual should take the responsibility of taking care of his/her less fortunate friends and neighbors. Progress and growth should transform a person’s way of thinking. He should become kinder and gentler while interacting with others.

Positive Effects of Adversity

  1. Adversity can be a real blessing in disguise.
  2. First, it teaches us to face life bravely.
  3. Second, adversity is the time when we can understand who our true friends are.
  4. Third, adversity teaches us some important life lessons.
  5. Additionally, during adverse times, our faith in God deepens.
  6. Finally, a person cannot become spiritual if he has not undergone some trying circumstances in his life.

Prosperity Brings Friends and Adversity Tries Them Essay

We get a true picture of the status of our relationships only during our difficult times.  Expressed simply, a man who is wealthy will attract friends easily.

His house will be full of guests. Besides, he will be bombarded with messages and phone calls at all hours of the day. However, if he loses his job or money, his friends will disappear overnight!

Furthermore, nobody relishes the idea of lending money to a friend who has lost his. A broke guy is often alone.

He will discover that his friends have deserted him for fear that he might want to ask them for financial support. Such is the truth of life. Prosperity brings people to our door. Yet, adversity drives away those very folks.

Regardless of this, there are a few who stick with their friend both during good and bad times. These are the genuine friends. However, only a fortunate few have such steadfast people in their lives.


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