There is No Place Like Home Amplification

There is No Place Like Home Amplification

Hello, Readers! This post features There is No Place Like Home Amplification. Home is the best place to live in. Also, it is the most desired place to come back to after a hard day’s work.

There is no place like home explanation

A home is a nest of people who live together and care about each other. It is a place in which a person is at ease. It is a place of shelter and protection. An avid traveler may wander all over the world, but he is delighted at the prospect of returning home eventually.

A home is a safe haven. Furthermore, it throws light on a person’s  choices , character and interests. Every individual is proud of his/her home. It is a place that can ease a person’s anxieties. In other words, it is a place of calmness and tranquility.

People build their homes according to their needs , preferences, habits and lifestyle. An outdoor lover would prefer to build his home deep in the woods. Alternately said, he might want to live in a log cabin. A garden enthusiast would want to grow vegetables in the backyard of his home. Similarly, a person who loves to go fishing, would dream of having a pond or a stream behind his home.

There is no place like home essay 150 words

A home is the best place on earth. It is something that gives us both privacy and solace. It is a place where we can heal our wounds. Also, our home protects us from the hazards of changing climate and weather. It shields us from the attacks of thieves, robbers, fraudsters and all other types of criminals.

Our home is the place where we first learn kindness. Our parents shower us with love and affection. Moreover, they teach us family bonding. In the seclusion of our home, we spend quality time with our elders and siblings. We discuss the events of the day. Also, we make plans for the future.

We share food and delicacies with our family at home. Besides, we prepare meals together in the kitchen. We laugh and share jokes while we are all working together at home. Also, we invite our relatives, friends and neighbors to our home. We love to share a meal with them. The food cooked at home draws us closer to our family, friends and the community as a whole.

10 lines on there is no place like home

  1. Human beings love to have a cozy place to come back to, after a hard day’s work outdoors.
  2. A home is a place that reflects the tastes and personality of the folks who live in it.
  3. There are many who want a big sized house with plenty of facilities.
  4. However, there are others who prefer to live in a smaller and simpler home.
  5. An artist would want to live in a home which is close to nature.
  6. Writers, sculptors, painters and musicians adore a place that inspires them to be creative.
  7. Children find joy in a home which has a big yard in the front.
  8. Gardeners dream of buying a home where they can have sufficient space to grow their plants.
  9. A home is dear to animals and birds as well.
  10. Different species of birds and animals have their own, unique homes in different locations.

There is no place like home story

After passing out of college, Linda Dawson decided to take a year-long break before applying for a job. During her entire school life, she did not get too many opportunities to travel because her family wasn’t financially sound enough to spend on frequent outdoor trips or vacations. Then, when Linda was in college, her holidays became even fewer because of the increasing cost of her education.

Yet, Linda didn’t mind. She used her free time creatively by doing a lot of reading and research work. Thereupon, she collected ideas on home decoration, baking, terrace gardening and yardwork. Linda made a promise to herself that she would dedicate her time and money in building a nice, cozy home for her family and herself once she began working.

Next, after completing her college education, Linda travelled to countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. She visited the homes of the locals and interacted with the hosts to get information about their food and lifestyle. Also, she wrote about her discoveries in a travel blog that she had recently started.

Eventually, when Linda returned to her home in Colorado, she discovered that a lot had changed. Her older brother’s wife had given birth to a pair of twins. Furthermore, Linda’s mother had started a nursery school in the ground floor of their house. Besides, her cousin who lived next door announced that she was going to have a baby.

The changes delighted Linda. She concluded that a nice home and a loving family are the best gifts from God. In other words, these are certainly those factors which induce a person to return to after all the travel abroad.

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