Things the Homeless People Need the Most

Things the Homeless Need the Most

Hello Readers! This post feathers a list of the Things the Homeless Need the Most.
The homeless need a whole lot of stuff to survive, but there is really no point in donating too many things to them because they do not have a fixed place where they can keep their stuff. Most of their belongings tend to get stolen the moment they fall asleep on the streets. So, there’s no point giving them too many things at one go.
However, there are certain things that the homeless just cannot do without. Or, even if they do not feel the need of these stuffs themselves, it is important for people to reach out to them and offer them these things so that the lives of the roofless people become somewhat easier. This article contains a list of all those essential items that the homeless must be given on a regular basis:
Trash Bags
Donations of food packages come more easily than trash bags to dispose away all unwanted stuff. Trash bags are expensive. The homeless definitely cannot have any means of acquiring them unless they are given to them for free.
It is essential for the homeless and rough sleepers to keep their space and environment clean or there’s every chance of law enforcement personnel driving them away. So more than food, it is a regular access to trash bags that the homeless need to be able to live a somewhat safer and peaceful life, and without getting driven away from a place so often.
Clean Bottled Water
On most parts of the U.S and U.K the summers are getting increasingly unbearable due to global warming and climate change. It’s absolutely essential to keep the homeless hydrated during the hot blazing summer days. Effort should be taken to give at least one bottle of drinking water to every single homeless person, on a daily basis, all through the summer season.
Fresh and Dry Fruits
Fresh fruits which last for a couple of days even without refrigeration can be donated. Apples, oranges and bananas are the most suitable ones. All kinds of dry fruits like cashew, almonds, walnuts and ground nuts stay in good condition for a long time if they are stored in clean, airtight containers.
Care should be taken to donate containers along with the dry fruits. Fruits like bananas are highly nutritious and filling. A couple of bananas consumed per day can sustain a person for long even if all other types of food aren’t available.
Other Food Items
Breakfast cereals along with a cereal bowl and spoon top the list here. A carton of ready to drink milk is a welcome complement to the meal. Peanut butter is not only healthy and nutritious but also stays fresh without refrigeration for a long time.
Loaves of bread and jars of peanut butter are good items to donate. Takeaway food like pizzas, burgers and sandwiches are other ideal items for the hungry folks on the streets. The homeless usually do not have access to cooking gas, so raw food grains, fish, meat and veggies are not suitable them.
Hygiene Stuff
Women need more hygiene stuff than men. However, both men and women need toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoos, detergent, wet wipes, combs, body scrubs, pumice stone, body brushes, etc. Women need sanitary napkins and tampons.
Both men and women need towels and undergarments. Old or new clothes need to be donated from time to time. If the clothes which are being given away are old and used, care should be taken to clean and iron them before handing them out.
Blankets and Sleeping Bags
A blanket is an item that a homeless person needs in all kinds of weather conditions. During summers, light sheets or cotton quilts may be given out; in winters, thicker and warmer blankets are needed. A sleeping bag is another important item to donate.
A small tent is a great item to give to a homeless family of two or more. However, a tent is an item that even folks without families or friends need. While donating a tent, one needs to check whether the item is light and easy to carry. It should also be something which is easy to set up.
Raincoats and Umbrellas
A raincoat and an umbrella are absolutely essential items for everybody out on the streets. But if one does not have a home to come back to, these items are a must. These are the most important things one would need to protect oneself from the elements.
Fruit juices and health drinks are great items to give. Chilled bottles are terrific to beat the heat of the summers. One must note that on a hot day outdoors, the homeless look for liquid food more than solids. Drinks should be made available to these guys in plenty.
Socks, Shoes, Gloves and hand-warmers
The people who are out on the streets at all hours of the day and night need to protect their hands and feet the most. They need socks and shoes on their feet and gloves and hand-warmers to protect their hands, especially during winters. And, even in the peak of summer, the homeless need shoes and socks to protect the soles of their feet from the burning pavements.
First Aid Box
Supplies of Dettol, cotton rolls, bandages, plasters, calcium tablets, vitamins and mineral supplements can definitely go a long way in making the lives of these people more comfortable. Protein powder, Glucose and a packet of Horlicks are some other health items that may be included to this list.
Pet Food
Many homeless folks like to keep a pet. It’s obvious that they do it to overcome their loneliness. Many keep a dog to guard their stuff. Cat and dog food are other items that can be added to the supplies list.
Writing Paper and Pens
Every single literate person out there on the streets feels the urge to pen down his/her feelings at some point of time or the other. It may be a letter to a loved one, a poem, a message, a story or even a song. A generous stock of writing paper and pens will help these homeless people to express their feelings.
The task of writing can help them to have a relatively better mental health. For people out there on the streets, it is absolutely important to have a way of expressing the feelings of the heart. So, writing pads and stationery are good stuff that can be donated to those who can read and write.
Old Books
And lastly, a couple of good novels can definitely help the book-lovers to pass the time. The homeless are human beings, after all. They do have the right to have some form of leisure or entertainment. Books can keep them happy, if they are the reading type!
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